Getting Comfortable Is Dangerous

It’s capable of stealing our life away

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readMay 24, 2022
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Over the past couple of months, my life has gone through an upheaval. It’s been tough. Intense. Lonely. Yet as all tough times promise, it was for a purpose.

Part of that purpose was to show me how much I had changed in the last three years. Most of those changes are good — the old Ahna was replaced by a wiser, more open-hearted woman. But along the way, I lost something that brought me enormous joy and confidence.

The art of getting uncomfortable.

Now before you start imaging cold plunges and whatnot, that’s not what I’m talking about. I’ve lived in countries that only had cold water and that’s not my jam, haha.

Instead, I used to do things like challenging myself with a new habit or action each month — a challenge that would push me to grow or learn something new.

My challenges were everything from cooking a new type of food to doing a new exercise or learning a new language. Each challenge was chosen intentionally to add something new to my life — perhaps find a new love or simply a new experience.

But the “what” of it all didn’t matter.

Because it was really about finding ways to prevent myself from getting too comfortable.

But somewhere over the past few years, I gave it up. And with that change, I lost a part of myself — the part that loves to feel A L I V E.

How can we feel alive when we’re doing the same thing, day in, day out?

When we aren’t stretching ourselves?

When we aren’t actively experiencing NEW things?

Instead, I had gotten comfortable being comfortable. I caught myself not wanting to push too hard with exercise. Or not wanting to put in extra work hours when I could physically handle it. Not wanting to go to a new place or be around new people.

For whatever reason, I had convinced myself that I couldn’t handle it.

Like, W H A T?

I had gotten so stuck inside the comfort that all I wanted was to maintain firm control over my world. A world that had become very isolated due to the Pandemic and intense midlife transits.

In many ways, I understand my complacency. When we’re going through tough times, we hold onto anything that looks safe.

And that’s how comfort lures us in… It promises that tomorrow will be better while dangling our favorite ways to numb out or look in the other direction. And when we want to change it, comfort makes us feel incapable of walking out.

Like the toxic relationship you want to leave but don’t know where to go.

The job that sucks but gives you a steady paycheck.

The body that works but isn’t as healthy as you would like.

No judgment — I’ve been there.

This round of comfort resulted in extra pounds, lethargic energy levels, a distrust of being around people, and most importantly — feeling ambivalent about the direction of my life.

Nothing good happens in comfort. We don’t create there. We don’t grow there.

We can’t live there.

In comfort — we accept less. We give up our power. We forget how magnificent we are. We lose sight of what we’re capable of.

We stop living…

And I am FAR from giving up on living. I am in the midst of rebuilding my life and a third business at age 40. I am healing the relationship with my body and learning to love it. I am reparenting myself. I am creating workshops and courses because I LOVE TO TEACH. I am building a tight circle of friends. And much more.

However, I can’t accomplish any of that by staying comfortable. By doing less than what I’m capable of — I have big dreams. And the Universe wants me to take action on those dreams, to get outside my comfort zone and experience what I can do.

And I know you have dreams, too!

I’m not alone in this — we all want to feel A L I V E in our bodies. Our work. Our relationships. Our spirituality. Our everything.

However, to do so, we must shed the cocoon of comfort and throw ourselves into the unknown. And once you’ve become aware of what’s going on, it’s not hard — I promise!

Don’t believe me? Just give it a try.

Challenge yourself to do something you don’t want to do BUT you know would make yourself feel great for 5 days and see what happens!

Like breaking a sweat and moving your body every day.

Spending your free time on that hobby you love.

Telling someone how you REALLY feel.

I guarantee it will give your world a jolt in the right direction. What you do next is up to you!

To turn things around in my life, I chose to upend everything I could think of for a whole week just to shake myself out of the haze.

I got up at 5am every day. I went on a cleanse to reset my system. I promo’d my work and chose to feel good about it because I AM proud of it. I exercised more. I showed my face on social media. I reached out to people I hadn’t in a long time. I worked harder. I was present with my partner when we were together.

And no, I’m not silly enough to believe I can keep all that up from the onset, but that wasn’t the point. I just needed to shake my world up!

Old me would have thought I’d be exhausted by the end of that week. But instead, I had tons of energy, felt great, business was rocking out, and I had come home to me.

Comfort is dangerous because it’s capable of stealing our life away. Our joy. And our confidence.

When we push ourselves to go a little further, to do a little more, we reap massive rewards. Leaping into the unknown gives us wings and helps us see outside our every day, which is so important for building confidence.

All it requires is one step at a time.

Regardless of where you’re at with life, I encourage you to ask yourself this every day — how can I get uncomfortable today? Maybe it’s taking a new route to work, going to a new coffee store, or signing up for the gym, it doesn’t matter. No need to go crazy, start small and see where it takes you!

And if you want to go further, I invite you to join The Confidence Series, a 6-week healing journey with the Akasha through the major areas where we experience self-doubt or a lack of confidence in our lives. It’s a Divinely-channeled course from the Akashic Records that will lead us through uncovering what’s holding us back and releasing it so that we can move forward. Learn more here.

Regardless, if you’ve come to this post — please know it’s for a reason!

The Universe wants you to push yourself.

To step outside your comfort zone.

To experience A L L you are capable of.

To live!

You’re here for a purpose and the world needs it — please answer the call. :))

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