The Confidence Series: A Healing Journey With the Akasha

A Reclamation of Our Birthright

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readMay 20, 2022


Anyone who has paid attention to my most recent posts, listened to my podcast, or followed me online in any capacity knows I’ve been going through a disruptive and debilitating period of self-doubt over the past several months.

And while the Akashic Records supported my path multiple times, they always said the real reason behind this struggle would come forward when the time was right.

In the earliest of May, while on vacation and sitting in front of a bonfire, out in nature and all alone, my reason arrived as a present from the Universe.

As I was staring into the fire, thinking about nothing in particular, a transmission, a download poured in and I instantly knew everything I was meant to do to bring The Confidence Series to life.

Mind you, I had never thought of anything like this series before. Probably wouldn’t have chosen the name, haha. And had already been working on a different course!

But this was my directive. In that moment, it was as if someone walked into my home and dropped a box in front of me that had everything I needed to launch this series. The name. The what. The how. The everything.

And it was so clear, so entirely unattached to my ego, so Divine that I didn’t even question my worthiness to lead such a course. In the midst of evaluating what had been given to me, I simply took it in with wonder and amazement as they showed me how life-changing it would be for those called to join. And that I would heal right along with them.

It’s one of the wildest things that have ever happened to me. And even up until launch day when I had folks sign up immediately, my mind questioned whether I had understood correctly.

However, my heart knew the difference. Sometimes things are so Divine that there’s no arguing with them. And while I have been Divinely led throughout my life, nothing like this has ever happened.

Which takes me back to the self-doubt.

One of the life lessons I’m here to heal through in this lifetime is Rejection, and I previously shared what Akashic Records said about healing Rejection. Yet for me, this is my life’s work. Not only am I meant to heal through it but I’m meant to bring others along the way.

See, my gift is being able to help root out those fears that hold us back from being Who we are, from living life to our fullest, from recognizing the God within. My gift is to guide others into the depths and come out the other side, all the better for what has taken place.

I’ve seen it time and time again with my Akashic Record clients. Those who show up raw, vulnerable, and ready to gain clarity and heal around major issues, walk away changed. Those sessions light me on fire. And they make me feel fulfilled and give me energy. But those clients who are primarily interested in surface topics or who come to “check it out”, drain my energy and leave enlightened, but much the same.

This is why I’ve been going through the muck over the past several months. To shake me into stepping into my life’s work, and that begins with The Confidence Series. My struggles have opened me up and the raw exposure has given me the integrity to lead such a course. This is only the beginning.

But this will be life-changing. Transformative. Magical.

If you’re interested, I would love to share a little bit about The Confidence Series. A few important details: the Early Bird closes on June 1st, registration closes June 9th, and the journey begins June 13th. Space is Limited. Here’s a link with all the info.

This June, join me on an authentic journey of transparency, Akashic wisdom, and sacred activations to:

Reclaim your confidence

Uncover Who You Are

Learn to live your life from an empowered state of being.

The Confidence Series provides an intimate space for community, reclamation, and Akashic activations to clear blocks & fears, gain strength, and step into the wholeness of who we are and what is ours.

Join me for six weeks dedicated to becoming reacquainted with your confidence, making friends with the inner critic, and healing our disconnection from Self.

How It Works

For six weeks, we’ll gather over Zoom to examine a new life topic, share life stories of our own inadequacies, review ways the Akashic Records suggest we overcome these areas, journal, and participate in channeled activations from the Akashic Records & Our Guides.

The activations will solidify our intentions to heal this area of our life, remove any blocks or fears that are holding us back, and enable us to rejoin the world in a new way.

This is an engaging series that provides a beautiful, safe container to bring insecurities, fears, and doubts to the community with Total Acceptance.

Space is LIMITED. Replays available within 24 hours (No Need to Attend Live).

Dates & Weekly Topics

Monday, June 13th — Relationships (Boundaries & How We Show Up)

Monday, June 20th — Finances (Self-Worth & Abundance)

Monday, June 27th — Health & Wellbeing (Embodiment & Self Care)

July 4th — Integration Week: No Session

Monday, July 11th — Career & Professional Lives (Doing What We Love & Making Good Decisions)

Monday, July 18th — Spirituality (Trusting Ourselves & the Spiritual World)

Monday, July 25th — Living Our Life Purpose Courageously (Opening to the Path)

If The Confidence Series appeals to you or you feel it could be a great journey for someone you know, please share!

Those who have already signed up are forming the most beautiful group of individuals and I can’t wait to take this journey with anyone who is called.

Feel free to contact me with questions — I’m happy to help clarify if it’s the right fit for you.

Come reclaim your confidence with us this June!

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