For Or Against Covid Vaccines?

Here’s A Better Solution

Ahna Hendrix
6 min readDec 11, 2021
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In May 2021, I was intuitively guided to discuss vaccines on my podcast. The Akashic Records wanted me to share: 1) Why it’s important to discuss the Covid vaccines 2) How the spiritual community is adding to the problem ​3) 3 things the Akashic Records ​shared about ​the Covid vaccines​ through client sessions 4) The impact of living a fearful life 5) My vaccine story and 6) How to regain your empowerment in regards to the vaccines or anything else. Below, you will find the backstory and high points discussed in the podcast, but check out the episode if you want the whole story.

Oh my, what a debate.

I’m thankful for the guidance of the Akashic Records and my own personal wisdom.

I’m thankful that I don’t watch the news, scroll social media, or listen to people around me to make decisions.

I’m thankful that I’ve learned to trust myself and what feels right for me, whether or not anyone else agrees or understands it.

And I invite you to do the same.

Current times call for polarization on every topic. It’s something that became blatantly clear to me back in early 2020 over the mask debate.

I had found myself exasperated by people who chose not to wear one. I poured energy into assuming that those who didn’t mask up, didn’t care about humanity.

Who raised them?” I’d sneer in arrogance.

Until I realized my error.

My choice, their choice — it’s the way things are set up.

To make us choose. To separate us out. To make us fight amongst each other so that we stay exhausted and ignorant to what’s really happening around us.

All you have to do is put in a little consideration to see it: black v. white. Democrat v. Republican. Heterosexual v. Homosexual. Christian v. Muslim. Masks v. no masks. Vaccine v. no vaccine. etc. etc. etc.

Upon realizing I was playing this game, I chose to walk out. To not participate.

I posted a story called “I Wear A Mask For Me” because from then on out — it was about what felt right for me. And I checked my judgment for others at the front door.

It’s a waste of energy. Time. Emotions.

I don’t want to be controlled by anyone else so why would it be my job to control others?

But the vaccine debate was real. And big. And emotional.

I understood why my friends were angry with anyone who might be putting their kids in danger. I understood why those being forced to inject a vaccine were pushing back.

I still understand both sides. But there is a better solution — deciding what is best for our bodies and letting others do the same.

It’s about learning to live from the middle space and being fully self-sovereign in our everyday choices.

The middle space acknowledges both sides of the story and makes room to meet in the middle.

It’s the only way to live through this transformative time on our planet.

But in May 2021, I felt intuitively guided to wade into the muck and discuss vaccines on my podcast.

Initially, I resisted. However, I realized that discussing sensitive topics was part of why I started my podcast in the first place.

And the Akashic Record’s guides wanted to speak.

The Delta variant was just beginning to make international headlines. And I was spending my days conducting Akashic Record readings for folks looking for guidance on taking vaccines.

It was time to share. Their fears. My story. What the Records had to say.

The overall messages were clear —

  1. The vaccine is what we believe it is. If we think it’s bad for us, it is. If we think it’s good for us. It is. We create our reality. Our thoughts, words, and actions affect every inch of us and when we internally decide something — it is. It’s the perfect example of why words are so powerful and why we should speak carefully.
  2. The vaccine in and of itself is neutral. The Records shared that while the quality of the vaccines differed due to the fact there are several kinds, made in several countries, and therefore have different rates of efficacy and effect on the body — one cannot be harmed if they believe they are safe. The vaccine cannot harm you — unless you believe it can.
  3. Fear is the real villain. The presence or lack of fear is why some have intense reactions to the vaccines yet others are completely unaffected. Fear can make a mountain out of a molehill with anything in life. And that is why I made sure to get my mind in the right place before getting vaccinated.

And #3 sure was a doozy.

I had clients bringing me crazy stories from the “spiritual” and “wellness” communities. One told me that getting the Pfizer vax would cause your soul to separate from your body and you wouldn’t be able to bring them back together…I then shared that Pfizer was my chosen vax and considering I was conducting her Akashic reading, I was quite sure my soul was still intact.

Another told me that she knew AI had found its way into her body and made her sick. Of course, the Records assured her that was not true and cautioned her to be more aware of who she listened to.

For me, deciding to get the vaccine wasn’t something I chose lightly. Besides the vaccines required for educational purposes and/or traveling to other countries, I’ve never taken one.

It took me several months to decide. And I was thankful and recognize my privilege in being able to make the decision on my own timeline. Who knows what would have happened if someone had tried to force me.

Me — the rebellious child who never even gets flu shots because I don’t get sick. I don’t get colds or stuffy noses. Mainly, I chalk that up to the fact that when my body starts feeling “off”, I cancel plans, eat simply, and put myself to bed immediately. Usually, by the morning, I feel great again. I believe the onset of sickness is a sign we’re wearing ourselves down and if we listen, we won’t get sick.

But inevitably, I chose to get vaccinated because my life was changing. I was shifting from primarily working at home to offering readings at a local salt cave and didn’t want to put anyone in harm’s way.

Ironic enough, the first day I met with a client at the salt cave, I saw an elderly woman with a crutch walking into the cave after we had finished. My heart rejoiced to know that I didn’t have to worry for her health on my account.

I’ve always felt safe from Covid. But I wasn’t sure when it came to other people and wasn’t willing to risk it. This is why I mask up even though I get claustrophobic, anxious, and have trouble breathing at times.

The solution to vax or not vax was that I made a decision for myself that felt right for me. Despite what the “spiritual” community said. Despite what friends and family wanted me to do. Despite the news, politicians, or social media “doctors”.

I made the decision for myself.

And I encourage you to do the same.

Tune out the world. Get quiet. Go within. And see what comes forward for you.

If you find yourself in a place of openness, know that all is well. If you find yourself in a place of constriction, get curious and ask why. Once you’ve recognized your fear, you’ll know what’s right for you.

And let others do the same.

The only thing required of us is to love one another — and that means respecting their choices.

In the Middle Space, there’s room for everyone.



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