Discover How You Communicate With the Spiritual World

By uncovering your intuitive senses

Ahna Hendrix
7 min readJan 25, 2022
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Let’s be real, who doesn’t want to find out more about their intuitive senses, i.e. how we communicate with the spiritual world and how they communicate with us?

It sounds so cool — right?

Even after years of knowing what my intuitive senses are, I’m still drawn to articles, podcasts, readings, anything that tells me a little bit more about communicating with the spiritual world.

Because I love the art of communication! Whether it’s written language, a language besides my native tongue (rawrr, Latin languages), or my intuitive language — I want to know more.

The varied ways are endlessly fascinating and although humans have categorized the intuitive senses, anyone who works in the spiritual world will tell you — they blend together. It’s not black and white.

Some might even call them “spiritual gifts” but the intuitive senses are the tools we use to empower our spiritual gifts.

They are how we bring our gifts to life!

Before I go any further, I want to clarify — I’m talking about our physical senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, tasting, knowing, etc. being used in partnership with our intuitive self. Also known as clairvoyance, clairaudience, etc.

I’ll dive into these in a moment, but first I want to talk about why it’s important to understand your intuitive senses.

So. many. reasons. why.

First, understanding your intuitive senses gives you spectacular abilities to connect with yourself in ways you never have before. You’ll come to accept the deepest parts of yourself. You’ll uncover why you do the things you do — your sensitivities, your strengths & weaknesses, and so much more. As my favorite personal quote goes, “When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.” PS I don’t just pop around quoting myself, this nugget was a sweet download I’ve used a million times because it’s so true! The ultimate meaning of our soul’s success is to — know thyself. And understanding your intuitive senses will bring you closer than you’ve ever been before.

Second, it’s invaluable because once you understand your intuitive senses, you will understand how you communicate with the spiritual world and how it communicates with you. And that is — LIFE CHANGING.

The spiritual world communicates in so many ways and interpreting them is a huge asset for navigating human life — believeeeeeee me.

Uncovering my intuitive senses was crucial for me when I started reading the Akashic Records, and to this day, it’s one of the first things I teach my mentorship students because it makes reading the Records (or working with any other modality) MUCH easier.

But it doesn’t always work how you’d think.

For instance, when I began reading the Akashic Records, I was “seeing” everything, regardless of whether it was actual visions or words — it was all visual. And that made sense! I’ve always been a visual person in my everyday life. Seeing or doing is how I learn. But I’m also a person who points at the oven and says, “shut the microwave!” My brain moves super fast and my words get mixed up, so I didn’t know how that was going to work.

However, after a few months of working in the Records, I learned that my strongest sense is Clairaudience i.e. Hearing, therefore I was meant to channel, not try and explain what I was seeing. It blew me away because I hadn’t realized that I was hearing! I asked the Records for clarification and what they shared left me in tears, in the most beautiful way.

Music has always had a profound effect on me. I’m a singer and dancer. Sound changes my mood faster than ANYTHING. I could never date a person if I didn’t love the sound of their voice. Sounds can bring me to tears in an instant. And they can open up my heart chakra just as fast. But most importantly, I’ve always heard my Guides — I just didn’t realize it because it came so naturally.

What was interesting is that my Guides explained they had allowed “seeing” to be my strongest sense in the beginning because they wanted me to gain confidence with my experiences in the Records.

The spiritual world will always meet us exactly where we are.

When it comes to uncovering our intuitive senses, the clues are often right in front of us. I had been hearing Guides my entire life, but I thought it was me. Or God. It shows up in how we interact with the world, such as how we learn. Or the ways we speak.

And this applies to E V E R Y O N E.

Some are born into this life seeing, hearing, feelings things immediately. And then there are those of us that have to work a bit harder for it. But whether your senses are blazing strong or need to be cultivated, both require work and dedication to manage. It’s like building a muscle — we ALL have it — it must be worked out to grow.

But before I dive into explaining the intuitive senses/gifts, I want to dispel a few myths. What is shared below is what I have experienced after hundreds of readings and what I know (yes, Knowing is one of my gifts), but some might disagree, and that’s ok!

We are ALL psychic. We are just psychics in different ways.

We are ALL empaths. We are just empathic in different ways.

We ALL have the full range of senses. Some of them are stronger and more natural from the beginning, but the ones that change our life could be the ones we cultivate.

Regardless, they are ALL available — even if you don’t think you’ve got an intuitive bone in your body!

So first, let’s talk about the most common ways to communicate with the spiritual world and some clues to help you uncover how you communicate with your intuitive senses.

  1. Clairvoyance i.e. Seeing. If you learn through watching or doing. If you must LOOK when tough or difficult things are happening to you. Vivid dreams. When describing things, you say “I see” or you use visual words. When colors have a huge impact on you. Your dreams provide profound insight. STRONG SENSE. You see things others don’t. You see spirits, Guides, or colorful orbs that interact with you. You can see the future.
  2. Clairaudience i.e. Hearing. If you are sensitive to sound and it easily changes your mood. You love loud or quiet music — no in-between. You value communication. Talking on the phone is either awesome or awful. Loud places can be overwhelming for you. You’ve always had talking thoughts going through your mind and receive “downloads” easily. Ringing of the ears. STRONG SENSE. Radio-type frequencies provide introductions to your Guides. You hear voices in your head just like you do when speaking to someone in-person. You are able to channel easily and seamlessly.
  3. Clairsentience i.e. Feeling. If your body is sensitive to environmental changes and you don’t like extreme cold or heat. If you “feel” others around you. When describing things, you say “I feel like… I feel that”. Your mood can change instantly by walking into a room. You experience exhaustion quite often. You need lots of rest and alone time. You are extra sensitive to New and Full Moons. STRONG SENSE. You’re able to communicate through feeling. Your body tells you when things are about to happen, if someone is good or negative, and all about the environment around you. You’re able to interpret messages through feeling, similar to how a person can hear words.
  4. Claircognizance i.e. Knowing. Having a full-body knowing about something you’ve never learned about and should know nothing (or next to nothing) about. Sensing immediately if someone is a good or negative person. Instead of saying “I feel” to describe, saying “I think or I know”. Being able to discern quickly when someone is lying to you. Not needing to learn things to know them, like most people. STRONG SENSE. Knowing immediately what a message means without any explanation when it comes through. Telepathy. Trusting yourself to be right even when no one else believes you or is saying the same thing.

These are just the top four senses, the most popular ones, called “the Clairs”, but there are so many more!

My favorite and most clearcut way of determining how someone communicates with the spiritual world is by using Human Design. I began learning HD in 2019 and it changed how I live my life.

Human Design is a modality created through a combination of astrology, Kabbalah, Vedic philosophies, and the iChing to offers a roadmap into how energy works in the body. Considering EVERYTHING is energy, you can imagine how powerful it is to understand your human design.

It’s a practical tool for self-discovery and correct decision-making. HD provides insight into why you feel certain ways in situations, why you repel some people and draw others, how to protect and nurture your energy, how to manifest abundance, and soooo much more. HD is just as deep as astrology, it can go on forever! (To look up your chart, I recommend this site)

And when it comes to the intuitive senses, not only does it cover the top 4 Clairs, but it includes information on smelling and tasting, plus knowledge about the types of spiritual guides we work with, whether or not we’re animal communicators, and so much more. It’s a valuable tool that I can’t recommend enough!

If you would like to learn about your intuitive senses, book one of my 60 or 90-minute Akashic Record Soul Readings and receive a BONUS 20-minute Human Design reading that explains what your natural gifts are and how you communicate with the spiritual world. This special is ONLY valid for the month of February and it’s my gift to you!

Either way, investing the time to learn about your intuitive senses will create enormous expansion and become the tools you count on for the rest of your life.

Do YOU know what your strongest intuitive senses are??

To learn more about my Akashic Record Soul readings or book a session with me, click HERE. Or learn how to read the Akashic Records with me in a 2.5-hour workshop on February 21st.



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