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I Am An Akashic Record Reader

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readFeb 12, 2021


You’re probably thinking, “a WUT?” Haha, not to worry. You aren’t the first and won’t be the last.

I’ll explain.

The first time I heard about the Akashic Records was in 2019 while reading a crystal healing book by Judy Hall, a legendary past life therapist and karmic astrologer who’s written over 40 books on crystals.

There was something about the name that immediately drew me in, I had to know more. So began the dive…

But first, let me provide you with some practical info.

In the Akasha, every thought, idea, and action from the past, present, and future is stored ad infinitum. If you’re familiar with String Theory, the Akashic Records is basically like a database of what’s happening in all the universes that are co-existing together.

The Akashic Records are basically a record of what will happen, is happening, or has happened.

What can you learn from the Records? Anything, as long as it’s self-focused or you have permission from others. And when I say anything, I mean, anything. You can find out why you do the things you do. What holds you back. How to find a soul mate. Etc. But you can also ask about your business, a family heirloom, your pet, or your home. We can even inquire into a public city/state/building.

Pretty epic, right?

So you can imagine why I immediately didn’t think there was a chance in hell’s kitchen I would be able to read them. No way — not this logical marketer.


The “Akashic Records” kept popping up for me in different books I was reading, articles online, and podcasts I came across. It was as if the Universe was screaming, THIS.

Finally, in February of 2020, I purchased Linda Howe’s “How to Read the Akashic Records”, which is a classic.

Interesting side note about the purchase — I’m a prolific reader who is ALWAYS reading a book, usually two or three. But since December 2019, I hadn’t been able to read anything. It was an odd time for me. So I almost didn’t buy the book because I was concerned it would sit on the shelf.

But it arrived on a Saturday morning and I promptly sat down on my front porch and read three-fourths of it by that afternoon. I couldn’t put it down. And what really drew me in, was Howe’s encouragement that if I had purchased the book, 1) I was meant to and 2) I was ready to become an Akashic Record reader.

Pretty wild to consider that someone in the present-day could access “every thought, idea, and action from the past, present, and future.” I mean, wasn’t that reserved for witchy women and crystal balls?

However, that Monday morning, after my partner left for work and the house was quiet, I followed a short meditation in the book and then repeated the prayer.

The Records are now open” was spoken and my life changed.

What did I experience? Before I share, know this — it is different for EVERY person, especially in the beginning. There is no right or wrong so if you’re a newbie and reading this, please do not compare yourself with me. Few people dive in and know exactly what’s going on and those people were likely doing it in a previous or near-previous lifetime so it’s fresh. In addition, we experience the AR according to our strongest intuitive senses: hear, see, feel, or know. It’s different for everyone.

In my first experience, I felt a wave of energy come over me like never before. It was so strong that I felt a deep pain in my stomach and later learned this was from a past life where I was ostracized and killed for my intuitive gifts. It took months to clear that pain out and adjust to the energy frequency.

In the beginning, it was like a tidal wave and I just wanted to float away in it. But that kind of defeated the purpose — you’re there to ask questions. Plus, if you don’t engage with the energy of the Akasha then it begins to fade and you can “pop out.” I saw vivid colors, and shapes and heard all kinds of sounds. I felt covered in warmth. It was an all-hands-on-deck sensory experience for me.

And it’s been an incredible ride ever since.

One of the first things I did was have my Records read by a professional practitioner who confirmed that not only was I ready to read the Records but that I’ve been doing it for lifetimes and would use the AR immensely in this lifetime.

The second thing I did was enroll in an AR course to provide myself with a teacher and community. I needed to ask questions and share experiences. I needed to geek out with folks who were experiencing the AR.

My marketing crew wasn’t cutting it anymore, haha.

The majority of 2020 was spent getting to know the Records on a personal level. While I hadn’t intended to read for others, it wasn’t long before I was offering it up and hosted a few readings for others. And then more.

But truth be told, I dealt with a range of feelings and blocks that held me back from fully stepping into acknowledging that I am an AR reader because of my self-worth, Christian roots, and how it would be perceived in my circles who mainly know me as the CEO of a marketing agency.

However, recently, in a therapy session with my amazingly intuitive psychotherapist, we unpacked this and she helped me see the real issue was from a past life that I’m fully aware of — one in which I gave up my intuitive gifts out of anger and grief for the civilization I couldn’t save. In this lifetime, that was appearing as blocks to me fully stepping into my gifts, into who I am, my power, and acknowledging what has been all along.

The next day, I went into the Records, back to that lifetime, and healed that pain with my Guides, Higher Self, and who I was in that lifetime. And now I feel ready to declare, I am an Akashic Record reader to the world and most importantly, myself.

So yes world, I will continue managing my marketing agency. Continue working and consulting with entrepreneurs and small business owners. Creating for my podcast. And having fun in my personal life. But a new piece has stepped into the puzzle, one that will remain with me until the day I die — reading the Akashic Records.

Here’s to living a magical life.

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