An Akashic Message About Self-Doubt

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Recently, I shared a post about the self-doubt I’ve been wading through since late March. Much of it had to do with the growth of my business.

As a retired CEO of a marketing agency (for over a decade), I know how fast businesses can grow. I’ve built several of them — with clients and on my own. And I wanted things to move faster.

But the Universe stepped in early 2021 and told me that I wouldn’t be growing my new business (spiritual guidance/teaching/podcast/etc) as I’ve done before. I would be 1) building it in partnership with the Universe and 2) building it from my feminine — not my masculine.

And since I’ve always been very comfortable working from my masculine — action, initiative, being a workaholic — the journey has been humbling.

Especially since I’ve met this D E E P period of self-doubt. While it occasionally reared its head in my past work pursuits, this has been like nothing before. It’s been crimpling. Defeating.

So as you can imagine, I’ve spent numerous days with my Guides in the Akashic Records desperately looking for answers. Sometimes they were direct, others not so much as they’ve said I’m still in the midst of it. However, they were always helpful and loving — even when I wasn’t.

But this particular interaction was very healing for me and I wanted to share it in the event you (or someone you know) is also dealing with self-doubt. The Akasha has so much wisdom for us and I’m eternally thankful for its direction in my life.

As you’ll read, my original intention for this particular session was to ask about something different. But they redirected me to what I REALLY needed at the time — something they often do in my client sessions — for which we’re always thankful.

Disclaimer* God=Love in my Universe, so please don’t align their message with religion of any type. And because of my upbringing, God/He/Him is most comfortable for me, which is why they speak to me this way. But feel free to change any of the affirmations to align with your beliefs. The Akasha is for A L L.

“Good morning.

It came to me yesterday that I needed to ask about the relationship with my mother to get a better understanding of it.

What can you share with me about the relationship with my mother?

Well, there are lots of things here. But first, what we want to touch upon is your attitude this morning. Specifically, that the self-doubt that is plaguing you is not helping you at this time.

It is holding you back from what you could be stepping into.

It is keeping you a victim in a world that offers you abundance.

It is preventing you from moving forward.

Well, how can I get rid of this self-doubt? It comes to me every day, these days.

How can I move out of this self-doubt?

This is something we’ve been wanting to talk to you about for some time because we know that it plagues you when things don’t go your way.

When you don’t get what it is that you want. When you don’t see outcomes from what it is that you are doing.

But you have to know there is much happening outside the scene of your peripheral vision — meaning that there is always more that is going on. Always more that is taking place.

You need not get caught up in the very specifics. And yes, we understand that you have bills to pay. We are trying to redirect you to something much more. Trying to put you on the path towards freedom. Towards never having to worry.

But your self-doubt is what is holding you back.

Great! Then how do I get rid of it?

Well, this is something you’ve got to decide on your own. When these thoughts creep into your mind, you have to challenge them. You have to push back and say,

“No, I am a worthy child of God. Abundance is open and available to me at all times. And there is nothing that I am not worthy of”.

This is what you must say. For if you do not talk back to the self-doubt (that wishes to take over your very life) then you are going to be in a world of trouble. And of course, what we mean by that is you’re going to get sucked in. You’re going to get taken advantage of by the energy that’s around you, by what is taking place on the planet at this time.

For Ahna, you need to fight for yourself just as the Ukrainians are fighting for themselves in Ukraine. Use them as an example, as an inspiration for all that you need to do at this time. For they, too, are fighting for their lives but in a literal way. And of course, we are not comparing the two. But the thing is, is that when something comes against you, you can either lay down and take it or you can stand up and fight — push back, say No.

This is what we want to see from you. You’ve got to try harder. Not by putting more time or effort in. But simply by being more aware of what it is that’s going on in your head. Talking back to it and not allowing it to come in, take over, destroy you.

You are meant to deal with your self-doubt. But you are also meant to lay it aside. You are meant to learn how to overcome it. For this is an integral part of your journey. And if you cannot do this for yourself, then it will be very difficult for you to build the life of your dreams, because we act in accordance to what you’re thinking about. How it is that you feel. For it is all energy. And what you put out comes right back to you.

We’d love to set up a different system, but this is the earthly system. This is how it works and how it must go. Therefore, it is important for you to do what is best for you.

Fight back. Take control by saying,

“No, I am a Divine being of the One and Only God.”

“I am his daughter.”

“I have every right to be here.”

“I am worthy of everything that comes my way.”

“There is no abundance that is too great for me.”

“No, there is nothing that is too great for me.”

You must push back, Ahna. You must not allow this to take over. For if you do, then you’re like a sitting duck. And the tidal waves of life will roll you over.

Is there anything else I need to know about this self-doubt?

Yes, of course.

It springs forward from all the parts of you who suffered so greatly from rejection. That is why it appeared so greatly those few weeks ago after you experienced rejection in the most frustrating way. There wasn’t anything you could do with that situation. And that makes you crazy in and of itself.

Crazy because you have no control.

This is when the self-doubt came forward. It rushed through because it saw an opportunity. It saw the ability to seep deep inside of you. To take over. To cover up the light that was shining so bright.

This is why you’ve been struggling so ferociously. For truly it has been a battle of the wills.

You’ve been pushing it back and forth. But know that you’re getting through it.

You really are.

Even in the depths of despair that you catch yourself in. At least you are catching yourself. But now you must speak back. Now, you must take action. Now, you must say No.

Do not allow self-doubt to find its way onto your mind at this time or really any other. For you are capable of all things. And you are worthy of all things as is everyone around you. But you must know this yourself in order to step into that power. In order to take what is yours. In order to have a piece of the pie. A pie that is ever-expanding–that has room for everyone, that will never run out.

Unless you believe it will.

There is nothing you need to do to find yourself worthy, you simply are.

Believe this and nothing — no, nothing will hold you back.

Thank you.”

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