An Akashic Message About Energy Vampires

It is your responsibility to protect yourself

Ahna Hendrix
4 min readMar 16, 2022
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Recently, the Akashic Records asked me to conduct daily readings, so I put out an offering to ensure it will also benefit others.

This Akashic message was channeled for 🌸Exorcistinpink💮 who asked how we can better manage energy vampires.

Hope this serves!

How can we protect ourselves from Energy Vampires?

Well, now this is an interesting question because it naturally implies that others are taking from us.

But the truth is that — anyone who is falling prey to those who wish to take the energy of others is doing so because they have not properly come into their own self-sovereignty or protected their energy the way that they should.

We know that this isn’t common knowledge on your planet. It’s not something that most humans know to do. But this is the best and fastest way to ensure that you remain sovereign in your energy. For there are those who walk the earth who will take and take from those who shine brightly.

Therefore, it is the responsibility of the individual to protect themselves accordingly, whether this is done maliciously or simply because the person unconsciously wishes to take from another.

Again, we say it is your responsibility.

There are many reasons why this might occur for someone. It most often happens when the person is deeply empathic and therefore draws to them what they do not want unconsciously.

We know that might sound confusing. But when people are overly empathic, it is because they have great ability to not only feel energy but to work with it. And therefore, it can draw lower vibrational beings because they seek to reach higher.

This is very rarely done intentionally on their part. Yet it does occur. Which is why the responsibility always resides with each and every one of you. To preserve, manage, and care for your precious energy.

This includes taking care of yourself. Ensuring that you aren’t giving of yourself too freely. That you have strong boundaries in place. That you know when to say no. And that you don’t spread yourself too thin with life’s never-ending activities.

For there is always something to do on your planet. And while that can seem enticing, what is most important is for you to nurture the energy that is within you. To come to know it on an intimate level and to work with it.

To bring things into fruition. To affect people in the greatest way. And to be an example of self-sovereignty for those whom you come into contact with.

We wish to say that, although you might feel like this is being done to you, that is the opposite of what is true. It is your responsibility to protect yourself.

If you would like to clear these energy vampires from your energy, then simply call upon your Guides. Archangel Michael is especially strong in this area and can assist you in rebalancing your energy, removing any cords in your system, patching any holes that might be open, and transmuting any negativity into positivity.

Call on him to assist you.

Believe. And it will be done.

Thank you.

In addition to the wisdom of the Records, I would suggest checking out THIS article that offers several ways to protect yourself energetically. We are all different and it may take some time to find one that resonates with you.

Some extra suggestions are taking Himalayan salt baths (water, in general, is cleansing — even just washing your hands can shift the energy), sound (sound bowls, tuning forks, and more can shift the energy of your body or the room quickly), or crystals (I always carry Black Tourmaline as it doesn’t just protect but it also absorbs and clear quartz — to amp up the power).

Many of my clients are highly empathic and beat themselves up because they couldn’t handle being in crowds, find themselves exhausted easily when around others, and need large amounts of sleep.

If this is you — protection is a MUST. I recommend calling in daily protection for everyone but especially those who are extra sensitive.

Being extra sensitive is a gift, but it must be cared for properly so it doesn’t impede our progress. We must take responsibility for ourselves.

What are your favorite protection practices?

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