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Ahna Hendrix
3 min readFeb 21, 2022
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The past (near) two months have been a wild ride. The energy shifted. Covid arrived in January. My business and podcast plans were derailed. 2022 did not start the way I wanted it to.

I got off track. Fell into fear. And was completely disconnected.

It happens. Life happens. Sometimes in the midst of going along and minding our own business, we get derailed.

But the good news is that we can always get back on track.

My getting back on track required saying no to a getaway trip with my partner to celebrate his nephew’s birthday. It’s his only nephew. He’s the cutest little lump of love I’ve ever met. And saying no was H A R D.

However, I knew it was the only way to return to my center.

What started out as a business-focused, type-A weekend quickly shifted into a spiritual reconnection as I was shown that I needed to focus on myself, not my business — if I wanted to move through the resistance.

I went through a three-day initiation with my Guardian Angel, who I hadn’t met before. I connected with a new High Guide for channeling purposes. I spend large amounts of time in the Akashic Records talking with my Guides. And they shared so much with me while clearing away the blocks, fears, crap holding me back from being in alignment with myself.

Those four days reignited my soul.

I’m still digesting everything that happened. But I’m endlessly thankful because, by that Monday morning, the details and energy of my life rearranged back into flow, and the heavy constriction I had carried for several weeks disappeared.

Let go, let God — as they say.

This brings me to the main objective of this post.

One of the instructions I was given from the Akashic Records is to start spending time in the Records every day, Monday through Friday. It’s something I’ve never done — even when I first started reading.

And that means I’ll be asking LOTS of questions.

I’d like to use this time to ask questions that not only serve myself but many others.

Here’s where you come in.

If you have general questions about the Universe, how things work, politics, ETs, the future, anything — share them below or contact me directly. And I’ll share the answers on Medium, my podcast, or wherever I’m called.

A few rules — I’ll only be answering the ones I’m intuitively led to answer. No personal questions — general questions only. I’ll include your first name (or anonymous works, too!) when sharing the answers.

And that’s it!

The Akashic Records want to assist you in these times — ask away :))

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