5 Ways The Akashic Records Changed My Life

You Wouldn’t Believe Who I Was Before

Ahna Hendrix
7 min readMar 11, 2022
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This month marks two years since I started reading the Akashic Records. And when I was first guided to share how it has changed my life thus far, I pushed back. I thought it would be boring.

I can be VERY silly sometimes.

The process of remembering was such a joyful experience because so much has happened in such a short amount of time.

And here I am, my entire life changed. I have grown, healed — I’m not the same person I was, and I can’t wait to dive into those specifics with you.

First, I was to briefly explain what the Akashic Records are for those who aren’t familiar. The modern father of the Records, Edgar Cayce, said “In the Akasha, every thought, idea, and action from the past, present, and future is stored ad infinitum. The Akashic Records are basically a record of what will happen, is happening, or has happened.

If that sounds too esoteric or difficult to wrap your mind around, consider Apple Cloud. Or Google Cloud. It’s a “place” where information is stored and when you want to download something, it’s where you go.

The Akashic Records, which I call Soul Records, hold everything past, present, future that you’ve ever done or will do. I call them Soul Records because they don’t just provide us with the “what” but also the “why”, meaning they get to the very root of whatever is going on.

Bottom line, the Akasha is an energetic container that exists at a very high frequency, and because everything is energy, everything has an Akashic Record.

Next, my story. Here’s a post I wrote a while back that explains the details of how I came to the Records. The short story is that I owned a digital marketing agency for over a decade, stumbled across the Records in the midst of a massive metaphysical awakening, and knew I’d come home.

I’ve been reading the Records for lifetimes and was in fact among the first beings to read the Records while on planet Earth. Yep, I’m old. haha

I’m a nerdy, curious type who never set out to read the Records for anyone else, much less teach others how to read them. I just wanted to better understand myself. To heal. And to ask all the questions I’d been carrying around.

But the Universe had other plans. And within six months, they guided me to start doing monthly readings on my podcast. Then to start reading for others. Then to get paid to read for others. Then to teach others. All the while, my old life was falling apart. Things weren’t working the way they always had. And eventually, I gave into this new life of being a spiritual guide.

That’s the short version, which should be sufficient so I can go ahead and tell you how freaking awesome the Records are, haha!

Seriously tho, they have completely changed my life in the most beautiful way. The work I do enables me to FULLY give of myself in ways I never thought possible and I’m so thankful.

Okay, let’s dive in!

1. Deeper Connection With Myself

I’ve always been someone who loved to learn more about myself. It was useful information. It helped me have compassion. And it helped me learn how to navigate the world around me.

And while I’ve probably taken every personality test, learned astrology, and much more just to better understand myself — nothing compares to what the Records have shown me.

I have constant, consistent access to the soul-level truth of who I am, what’s going on in my life, how to overcome, how to achieve, etc than I’ve ever had.

The Records have given me such enormous confidence in myself, helped me to mature and grow on my spiritual path, and connected me with my intuitive senses.

The relationship I have with myself these days could rival some heavy-hitting romance novels. Okay, not that much. Truthfully, I still struggle with loving myself at times. But wow oh wow, have I healed and grown so much in two years.

At this rate, I’ll rule the world in two more years! :P #jokes

2. Deeper Connection With the Spiritual World

At the beginning of my metaphysical experience, I had a lot of fear about the spiritual world. I grew up as a Christian and my old self left me so fast that at times I couldn’t see where I was going.

Thankfully, I’ve always used this as a guiding light — if it’s founded in love — I’m good. And I was.

The Akashic Records are pure love. And they not only helped me to move past my fears of communicating with the spiritual world, but they helped me learn how to navigate it.

And of course, in the process, I grew very confident in communicating with the spiritual world. To me — that’s priceless.

Life doesn’t have to be hard. We don’t have to do it on our own. And when we have a direct line into those spiritual beings who want to help and guide us, life turns into a party. Not that there won’t be difficult things along the way, but handling them will be on a whole level.

Plus, once I began working with the Akashic Records and gained confidence in my abilities to communicate, they started taking me into past lives where major healing began and continues. To work within these realms is kinda like a video game, but it’s yours, and clearing it how can be enormously helpful.

3. Deep Healing

The last sentence illustrates just one way the Records healed me.

In this lifetime, I’m meant to heal a past relationship that caused me enormous pain during a powerful lifetime. In that lifetime, I was one of the few who were able to read the Records and the fall of our civilization broke such depths of my heart that haven’t been able to heal.

I’ve gone back to that past life numerous times and worked with my old self to heal those pains, reopen my heart, and fully launch my intuitive gifts into this lifetime.

But besides this one event, the Records have healed me by changing my perspective about life — why things happen. Why people do what they do. Why life unfolds as it does.

It’s helped me to see that there are no bad people, only hurt people. Or people who are here to hurt people for one reason or another. To know the depths of these possibilities, to see them in others offers enormous healing because it gives me compassion for humankind, which isn’t always easy.


By knowing the root causes of where pain comes from, why we experience difficult times, and more — I’m learning to be deeply compassionate with myself.

Change your perspective, change the world — didn’t someone smart say that? If not, they should have, haha.

This is what the Records have given me.

4. Made Me A Nicer Person

I briefly touched on this in the last point but this transformation has been so huge that it’s worth its own point.

It’s not like I was an ogre. I didn’t hate people — I don’t even have the word “hate” in my vocabulary. But I was angry. Angry from past lives. Angry about many things. And it was always lurking close to my surface.

But there’s something about the healing energy of the Akashic Records that turned me into a loving, sappy, open-hearted, giddy someone. Honestly, I think they helped transform me back into myself — pre-world Ahna, that is. The little girl who just wanted to love on the world like a little puppy. But we know the world isn’t always kind to cute puppies and my story was no different.

In the midst of seeing humanity, in the midst of seeing my core, I softened. I opened.

And while I have plenty of healing to go, I’m a much nicer person. And I joke, but am dead serious, that you can’t spend consistent time in the Records and be an angry person. Not that I don’t get angry. But my anger has even changed. And it rarely happens.

When you hang out in love, you begin to become it.

5. Literally Changed My Life

As I mentioned previously, the Records have completely changed my life — for the best. I closed my marketing agency and traded in my business gear for Selenite & incense (hah).

The Records redirected me from my Fated Path to my Soul Path. The Fated Path can make us successful. Even make us a lot of money. Annnd we might even enjoy it (I loved marketing!). But our Soul Path fulfills us in ways nothing else can.

This life introduced me to my people — folks I had been searching for my entire life who were asking the same, zany questions I always did. In this redirection, I’ve found home among others in ways I never have before.

I went from helping folks build businesses to helping them build their lives, their souls, their passions, their dreams. The work I do with clients these days blows my mind. It can be tiring at times, but when I close down a session with a client, I’m always so thankful for the work I get to do.

And finally, the Records have brought me to a lifelong dream — teaching. I always wanted to be a teacher. I’d drag home discarded supplies from my teachers. I’d make my poor friends play “school” with me. But a sober glance at the hierarchy of school systems once I got a bit older told me that would never be the route. I could’ve taught marketing but it felt empty. However, teaching people how to read the Records, how to empower themselves sets me on the kind of high folks would pay B I G money for.

Again, I wasn’t asking for it, the Records led me here.

In summation and celebration of the Akashic Records, I’m so thankful for all the ways I have changed in the past two years. My life is fuller, richer, deeper, and more fulfilled than its ever been.

And I’m strapping in for what’s next!

Learn more about Ahna Hendrix and the Akashic Records HERE. Or find out how to empower yourself and read the Akashic Records.



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