You’re great, Tim—but clearly not on Twitter and totally missing the boat. First, why would I want to interact with anonymous people? Anonymous is great for payments (maybe), but lame for social.

Second, Elon took over a platform for which he said free speech and keeping it politically neutral was his aim. Yet he told over 100 million to vote Republican and has censored and shut down any accounts that tick him off. Sounds more like a political move to me!

Not even to mention the lack of security compliance and employees to monitor content. And so much more!

I was open to Elon’s takeover because what do I know, but Twitter was a relatively fun place before, and since he’s taken over it’s turned into a mad hoard. I’ve never seen the N word shared so much and everyone is testing limits to see what they can get away with, which is a LOT—that is, if you aren’t insulting Elon.

Even Jack has pushed back on him since he took over!

Also, yes, he’s brought good things to the table but the resources to build those things, like his cars, are having a detrimental impact on our planet. Not to mention, he’d rather settle on Mars than help us fix the planet we’re on.

Idk why people keep glorifying Elon—he’s not that great, he’s not that brilliant, and he’s not nice.

Why do we love rude, rich people so much in America???

Bleh. 🙈

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