You Were Born Confident

There’s a Part of You That Knows It

Ahna Hendrix
2 min readMay 10, 2024

Much of the world likes to parade about looking confident when the truth is that they aren’t.

Actors, entertainers, and famous people are widely known to be some of the most insecure people, which is why they constantly seek the approval of others. Constantly invest in material possessions or use their physical attributes to make them feel good about themselves.

But confidence can’t be earned.

It’s not about what you have, what you look like, or your place in society — you were born confident! It’s your birthright. It’s Who You Are.

Just look at children and how they behave. They have NO issue asking a million questions or being honest about their experience. They don’t care if anyone thinks they’re weird for wanting to be a unicorn when they grow up.

And as a child, you were comfortable being Who YOU Are.

Until cultural norms crept in. Until parenting led you to distrust your intuition, ideas, and emotions. Until conditioning piled on such a huge load of confusion that you couldn’t see yourself anymore!

But underneath everything thrown at you, YOU are a confident person! You can voice your concerns and needs. You aren’t phased by what others think of you. You don’t cower or feel rejected when people disagree with your viewpoints.


And there’s a part of you that knows it!

But like most, you’ve lost sight of it. You’ve forgotten how to BE YOURSELF UNABASHEDLY. To allow yourself to be FULLY seen. FULLY heard.

Which is why The Confidence Series is perfect for you!

It’s a 6-week journey back to yourself through Akashic messages, teachings, activations, and tapping sessions. It provides an intimate space for community, reclamation, and activations to clear blocks & fears, gain strength, and step into the wholeness of Who You Are and What Is Yours.

Because it’s time to become reacquainted with your confidence.
Make friends with the inner critic.
And restore your connection with Self.

Join me for this EPIC journey annnnnd check out the testimonials!

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