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3 min readJul 6, 2022


You asked what I think and here it is—I think judging anyone for how much money they have says more about us than about them.

Why question whether spiritual leaders can have money versus anyone else? Why compare two spiritual leaders to outline how one is right and the other might be wrong? Why waste the time? I don’t see articles like this about major CEOs, Elon Musk, or the Amazon dude—why spirituality?

I ask all these questions because there’s something fundamentally off with where this line of thinking comes from. Like if someone has knowledge and shares it then it should be free? Or that they don’t deserve it because they don’t work 100+ hours a week like Silicon’s finest?

Not trying to be rude, I’m being serious. I think this is scarcity mentality wrapped up in judgment and its ingrained in all of us.

Eckhart gives away an enormous amount of content for free. His books aren’t overly priced like most biographies from the famous folks. I’ve never seen him in a private jet or surrounded by luxury. All that being said, he can do what he wants with his money!

He has so much money because he discovered something and gave of himself to share it with the world. And mainly because he so happened to make friends with one of the world’s most famous people-Oprah-who paraded him all over creation leading to who knows how many book sales, conferences, etc. But he clearly never set out to make that money. He set out to help and be of service.

See how directly opposite that is to the mainstream thinking? The thinking that would question why a spiritual person is rich??

I’m a spiritual guide and while I’m only three years in, I work my butt off with content creation, seeing clients, workshops, courses, podcasts—all kinds of things. It’s hard work!

In fact, the hardest I’ve ever done! And I was the CEO of a marketing agency for over a decade. Part of the reason it’s so hard is because of this kind of thinking—why should a spiritual person make money off us—was and is ingrained in me, too.

I never had an issue charging money in my marketing agency but I’ve never had to heal through so much just to feel okay charging for what I offer now.

It’s the same thing with creatives, with artists. “Why pay thousands for a painting” is a mindset of those who have no idea how much it takes to create such a piece. Or an author who writes a book.

Spirituality is no different. Yes, there are charlatans out there—they are in every industry! It’s up to each of us to take responsibility to be discerning in where we spend money and on who. But there’s nothing wrong with the money he’s made.

It’s okay to start a discussion or ponder something like this, but I’d dig deeper in your own mind. Where did this question originate? Why do you question him and not a famous actor? What beliefs are at the root of this question? Etc.

I’m honestly not a big fan of Eckhart—mainly just because he speaks slow and my mind moves fast. But it’s nothing personal and I don’t get any vibes from him that he’s anything other than what he shares. However, he gets an alarming amount of kickback on Medium, which baffles me. And again, I think it says more about the authors than the person.

When we’re busy pointing fingers in other directions, all we’re ever really doing is calling out or questioning parts of ourselves.

Sending tough love ♥️🙏🏽



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