Yesssss 🙌🏽 I’m so with you, Jodie! I created a podcast episode called “Losing My Religion”, but I’m not sure that I explained it as clearly and succinctly as you did. That’s something I love about your writing. I too grew up in the Christian church and was always the most liberal Christian I knew - who also loved the Bible. But in 2019, I realized there were too many things I didn’t agree with and couldn’t align myself with anymore - the strongest being “there’s only one way to God.” To look back on my life and remember times when I too believed that is wild for me. I’m so thankful that my view was widened and I joyfully came to see God is so much greater than I ever learned in church. It was something my heart always knew because of the personal relationship I have always had with God, but I was able to truly experience it. And when I left Christianity, I decided to drop my need for labels. God is love, I am Ahna - that’s it. I believe in love - always and forever.

Once again, thank you for your message and light. 😊♥️🙏🏽

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