Yes, you nailed it - Covid was the shakeup, the wake up call. Think about where everyday life was at before it - running, quicker, faster, with no end in sight. The family system breaking down. Losing ourselves behind the work desk. Not caring what happened to anyone or anything outside of our little bubble. It’s playing a very huge and crucial role for this planet.

And there are countless species of star beings that come in and out of our world all the time. They’re very real. They’re very here. But no, they won’t appear until we (the Collective as a whole) are ready. And if anyone questions whether we are - let’s just think about how many hot heads would pile into a big truck with their guns and artillery and head to the nearest sightings to shoot up “for our safety.”

Without question we are not ready yet.

BUT the day is coming soon (I think 2023)… And when they do, we’ll learn mind-altering things like the government has not only known about them but has been working with them for over 60 years and much more.

I loved your write up. NASA is owned just like anyone else right now and they are directed to cut feeds anytime things pop up because the govt does not want us knowing what’s up. But soon, they won’t be able to prevent it.

Much is coming in the next few years. And I for one am thrilled to be here and watch it unfold. 😊🙏🏽

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