Wow, thank you for sharing, Wendi. My heart goes out to you as I can’t imagine what you’re going through is easy. But something tells me this is the new beginning your soul has been yearning for. It’s SO easy to get stuck in complacency, especially in romantic relationships — this is probably the area I struggle most. However, I will take your story to heart and do my best to remember it when I feel too tired to plan another date night. Thank you for the valuable lesson. And I so look forward to hearing how your story unfolds in the midst of this new adventure. Sending love ♥️ PS If you haven’t already, highly recommend looking into the Chiron Return — Barbara Hand Clow has written some books on it and spoken about it on podcasts. You’re either in the throes of a major astrological midlife transit or it’s just beginning. Having tools will be very helpful, especially for the Uranus opposition that will be up next.

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