Why I Started A Podcast

It’s been one year since I launched my podcast, so I felt inspired to share my story.

At the beginning of 2019, I was devastated and heartbroken.

I had recently shut down a retail business that I had worked on for the previous two years. But there was no way to make the business model work. It was an “ahead of it’s time” business and one day, I’ll smile in appreciation when someone builds it — for it needs to be created.

But that’s another story.

What was so difficult about this defeat was that I had found true life purpose within its operations and then lost it in such a short amount of time.

That pain combined with newfound sobriety launched me into the greatest spiritual awakening of my life.

I wasn’t an alcoholic, but like so many, alcohol had always played a big role in my life and I had an unhealthy relationship with it. Having the goggles ripped off my face left me questioning all of life within the first month and transformed me into a different person within three months.

So during 2019, I was searching for answers with a crazy thirst to replace my sense of purpose and explain what life was all about. It led me to all kinds of spiritual modalities, therapy, and healings. It also led me to the world of podcasting, which I hadn’t been a big fan of beforehand.

I knew about business podcasts but I hadn’t realized how many spiritual podcasts existed. I dove in deep. The topics opened up places inside of me I thought were forever closed. They made me question things I’d never considered. Suffice it to say, they were very important in the next stage of my spiritual development.

And by the Fall of 2019, I was driving around one day when the theme for a new podcast fell in my lap. I noticed there was a huge gap in the podcasting community between the spiritual podcasts and the business ones. So I decided to fill it.

I had wanted to start a podcast for many years because I love to talk, haha. But I wasn’t about to until I had a strong show theme. It needed to fill a pain point. It needed to come naturally to me. It needed to be something I would never tire of. And the Soul Driven Podcast was created.

My podcast is a reflection of who I am — equal parts spiritual and business. And on the show, we explore the intersection between living a soulful and spiritual life in a driven and ambitious world.

I knew that I wasn’t the only one looking to blend the two and my intuition told me that people were beginning to wake up spiritually, they were beginning to ask questions and search for answers outside of the typical routes.

Then 2020 arrived.

I launched my podcast at the beginning of March with no idea what was ahead, but all the work I had done to prepare for my show was thrown out the window. Once we went into lockdown, my planned show topics were irrelevant and unnecessary, and my Guides began directing me to share about different topics.

The Soul Driven Podcast was created to bring others on the path towards purpose with me. To give others a practical way to explore their spirituality. To get curious. To uncover who they really are. And to awaken to spirituality in their own life. ALL with a practicality that I saw missing in many spiritual podcasts.

From a business standpoint, launching a podcast and sharing weekly episodes is HARD work. It is no easy task and requires a lot of my time. But it’s worth it because I believe people are searching for the information we share and are finding a sense of community around the topics.

In short, I started my podcast because I was called to do so. It wasn’t my idea, it was the Universe’s idea. And I simply ran with it.

If you feel called, check out the Soul Driven Podcast (iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher) or join our weekly email list. The Soul Driven Collective is launching at the end of this month and more will be coming about that!



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Ahna Hendrix

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