What if I Told You Food Can’t Make You Gain Weight?

But your thoughts and feelings can

Ahna Hendrix
6 min readAug 24, 2022
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Since I’m sharing about something kinda medical, let’s just get a few disclaimers out of the way for the folks who might want to argue with me in the comments.

First, I’m not a doctor or nutritionist or anything else that many will think is creditable enough to share what I’m going to. But I am a spiritual guide & healer and know my way around energy, which is the primary focus of this article.

Second, there is no research to back up my claim and in fact, I’m still onboarding this new truth into my own life and curiously playing with the results. But the foundation of what I’m sharing has been discussed widely in the scientific community and you won’t have a difficult time finding numerous resources to back it up.

Third, this information might be triggering for you. Triggering for the brain who thinks it knows “how things work” cuz damnit, we never want to think outside that! A joke for those who might miss it. I’m not sharing this information to persuade you, only to invite you into widening the scope of how you view food and weight, and to get curious about what it might mean for you. If you get triggered, great — do yourself the favor of sitting with it and trying to uncover why before leaving me a hateful comment. I’m always open for discussion IF you’re respectful and hey, it’s an interesting topic!

Finally, PLEASE talk to your doctor before making any major changes from this discovery, and do not put yourself in harm’s way just to test it out. However, be prepared (unless they’re an eastern/holistic/functional doctor), they will likely think this is crazytown.

Now that those are out of the way, let’s dive into why I’m here in the first place.

I’ll start with context.

Back in May, I worked with a client who’s always struggled with her health, specifically her weight. It’s a common issue to tackle among my clients and one I personally have a lot of experience with, so I’m always curious to see what the Akashic Records will channel through.

Among the many things they offered up, there was one thing that literally blew me away. They said,

“Food is energy, that’s it. It cannot make you gain weight.”

Woah. Even after I channeled it, I was left with my jaw on the floor and my mental mind going ALLLLL kinds of ways.

Is this really true?

How can this be?

What — that’s not possible, no way!

And then it began to sink in…

First, we can (hopefully) agree that EVERYTHING is energy — yes? The walls are energy. Floor is energy. My water mug is energy. I am energy. We all just vibrate at different frequencies of energy. Some move faster than others. Some are more dense. Some more light. Some — look like smoke, vapor, and easily blow away.

But it doesn’t matter WHAT is it, it’s all energy.

Therefore, how could consuming energy make someone gain weight?

You might now be thinking what I thought, “Maybe energy plus energy can do that?” Nope, that’s not scientific either. When you blend two energies, it simply makes a new energy — it can’t be “added”.

Okay, I thought, this is making more sense…But then WHAT does make us gain weight?

And shortly thereafter, in the midst of another client session, it hit me in the face — the WAY we think and feel about what we eat!!!

If I’m totally losing you, let’s think about it another way.

I’m sure you’ve heard that quote (and there’s a Bible verse, too) that says something like,

“Whether you think you can or not — that’s true” or

“Whatever you think — is.”

Which takes me back to the Covid vaccine debate in 2021 when everyone was freaking out. I had several clients who came to me wanting to know if the vaccine was okay or not, and the Akashic Records said the same thing, “If you think it’s harmful, it is. If you think it’s fine, it is.” Yes, they talked about discrepancies between where the vaccine was made and whatnot, but the main point was stillll the point.

There’s even a similar story in the Bible when the disciples are flipping out over whether or not sacred meat was acceptable to eat. Paul stepped in and said, “If you think it’s a sin, then it is. If not, then it’s not.”

Bottom line, what we THINK and FEEL about what we eat is true. Therefore, if we THINK something is “bad” for us, then it is. And vice versa.

There’s actually nothing that is “bad” or “good” — it just IS.

On the other side, emotions play a huge role because they can add more “weight” ie “weigh down” our energetic bodies more than anything. If we feel shame, guilt, or any other negative emotion then our bodies will bear the brunt.

Meaning, if you feel bad/guilty/sad about eating meat then it’s best to sidestep it until you can get your mind right about it.

Now, I’m not here to tell you how to eat. BUT I would suggest doing so without the negative emotions and thoughts. If you want chocolate cake, have it and LOVEEEEE Every. Single. Bite! Worship it. Exclaim about how delicious it is!

Talk about high vibration!

There’s no way such an experience could add weight. That being said, you’ll need to tune into when enough is enough.

Sorry not sorry, self-discipline is STILL a factor. Kinda — more so learning how to listen.

But the great news is that if your body trulyyyy wanted chocolate cake and it wanted it everyday, that craving won’t last forever!

One of our greatest fears is that we’ll get out of control if we listen to our bodies, however, the opposite is true. Yes, the pendulum may swing from one extreme to the next for a little while, but it will eventually even out.

And if you find yourself in the midst of an extreme, get curious, ask yourself why, why is it craving ______, what does it REALLY need?

I’m sure you’ve heard of “intuitive eating”, well, this is the next level.

My biggest suggestion would be to develop a relationship with your body, learn how to listen to it, and find out what it wants you to eat. If you’re scared it will only want broccoli and cauliflower, don’t worry. The body also enjoys fun food and sweets! In moderation.

And if you need an example, look no further than the animals on this planet! They eat what their bodies direct them to and that’s that. The only chunky ones are those having humans feed them things they don’t normally eat, ahemmmm.

The body is our GREATEST tool of wisdom in this lifetime and it WANTS you to feel good, look good, and live the life you dream about!

F&%k diets, restrictions, and anything else that is not ALIGNED for you. Don’t feel the need to follow the next craze — believe me, it’s a marketing gimmick designed to fill the pockets of people you wouldn’t even want at your dinner table.

Do YOU. Enjoy your food. Fall in love with your body. Listen to its wisdom.

And don’t forget, food can’t make you gain weight.

Only YOU can do that.

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