This thinking is exactly what I’m referring to—it’s rooted in judgment. Judgment for someone and something you don’t know yet for some reason think you have the authority to question.

And hey, I’ve done it, too—we all have.
But I don’t see folks questioning why actors make so much. Or professional athletes. Or singers.

So why preachers or spiritual teachers??It’s a much deeper issue and I haven’t seen anyone be honest about yet. Mainly that—there IS prejudice for spiritual/religious folks making lots of money and I think it’s important we question that, seek to understand it.

My buttons weren’t pushed—I’m a passionate person who speaks directly. I’d love to be having this convo in person with the author or whomever thinks this way because I think there’s a lot to be learned. Myself included.

But I see an unreasonable amount of judgment towards Tolle on Medium and even tho I’m not a fan, I’m surprised. He may not be my cup of tea but I’ve never seen anything disingenuous in him and I believe myself to be an excellent judge of character so all the commentary surprises me.

But at the end of the day, if I am irked it’s because there is prejudice towards the spiritual/religious workers and that’s not right.

People spend way too much time judging other people instead of focusing on their own life, their own issues, and I’m guilty of this as well at times.

Regardless, it doesn’t change the fact we need to evaluate ourselves when fingers are pointed because it does say more about us than them.

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