THIS Practice Changed My Life

Registration closes on June 9th midnight est. ONLY two spots left!

Since The Confidence Series was Divinely channeled through in early May, life has been a whirlwind!

I’ve been balancing my daily work with clients and podcast duties while building out this incredible Series with my Guides.

It’s been Divinely orchestrated from day one and each day there’s a new little something.

But I wasn’t expecting to receive guidance to incorporate another modality to strengthen the healing process! Yet that’s exactly what happened this morning.

A little backstory for you…

Since last November, I’ve made Tapping (aka EFT: Emotional Freedom Technique) a near-daily part of my spiritual practices. Specifically, tapping on my limiting beliefs about money.

Let’s just say, I wasn’t raised properly in this area but didn’t think it was a problem until two years ago when I caught myself thinking I would never be “a normal person and own a home”..?

It didn’t make sense because I hadn’t dreamed of owning a home, being a “normal” person (whatever that means), and had been an incredibly successful entrepreneur in the past.

Yes, I was in the midst of my old life dying and a new one being cultivated, but still!

The thought stayed with me and as I began digging deeper, I realized that I have a LOT of limiting beliefs around finances and abundance.

I had been living with a scarcity mindset!

I read a few books, worked with my psychotherapist, and graduated from financially tough times, but I kept seeing how much I was struggling mentally.

Then last November, I came across Brad Yates on YouTube and was Divinely inspired to go HARD on these limiting beliefs with Tapping.

I compiled a mega list of his videos on finances ensuring I was hitting it from every angle and began tapping daily.

Within a month, my life began to dramatically improve. I began feeling differently about money. The usual fear (I hadn’t even realized was there) was slowly being replaced with a calm acceptance of money’s role on this planet. And it started coming to me more easily.

Plus, I saw myself interacting with clients and fans of my work in a totally different way. It was from a confident but humble place. I went from feeling like I had to be ALL things to being okay with my limitations.

The Tapping had such a huge impact that I chased Brad down to interview him for my podcast because I knew it would help anyone who listened.

There’s a much bigger story that I will share soon, but suffice it to say, Tapping has dramatically improved & changed my life.

So this morning when I was guided to incorporate Tapping into The Confidence Series, I had a full-body YESSSS knowing it would be the perfect complement to the deep work we’ll be doing with the Akashic Records.

Each week in The Confidence Series, we’ll be addressing a new topic from a variety of angles and the Tapping will be a powerful support in removing blocks for good!

The weekly topics:

Monday, June 13th — Relationships (Boundaries & How We Show Up)

Monday, June 20th — Finances (Self-Worth & Abundance)

Monday, June 27th — Health & Wellbeing (Embodiment & Self Care)

July 4th — Integration Week: No Session

Monday, July 11th — Career & Professional Lives (Doing What We Love & Making Good Decisions)

Monday, July 18th — Spirituality (Trusting Ourselves & the Spiritual World)

Monday, July 25th — Living Our Life Purpose Courageously (Opening to the Path)

Now when you sign up for The Confidence Series, you’ll also receive a Tapping video each week (in addition to the workbook & Akashic Activation) to assist in clearing out anything standing in your way between the topic and your new Confidence. Best part — you get to keep these forever!

If you’re not cheering, I am!!!

How this course has Divinely come together is awe-inspiring to me and I’m confident The Confidence Series WILL change lives and that includes mine 😉

There are ONLY two spots available and registration closes on the 9th!
Be sure to check out everything that’s included with this Series and feel free to message me with any questions.

Access the landing page HERE.
Listen to how The Confidence Series came to be and what it is HERE.
Or read about it on Medium HERE.

On the 13th, the healing journey begins!
I hope you’ll join us 🥳

“When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.”

Get to know Ahna Hendrix and find out how the Akashic Records can change your life HERE. During June, receive 10% OFF Akashic Record Soul Readings with code SUMMERTIME. For updates on workshops or how to read the Akashic Records here.



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Ahna Hendrix

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