This is powerful. But to me, this isn’t about being a submissive wife at all — it’s about having faith in God to take care of you no matter what. You’re removing the responsibility of your partner to fulfill your expectations/wants/needs and putting them before God. Not only does this remove the burden placed on your husband to be someone he might not be capable of being in the moment, but it allows you to love as God loves — unabashedly, without judgment. It allows your husband to be him and you to be you. This is how real partnership is meant to be.

It’s not about submission, it’s about learning to truly love someone the way God loves us, which is only even remotely possible when we do it with God (Source/Universe).

The patriarchy is very real, very damaging and doesn’t align with your story at all. And the Christian church falls very short when it comes to these teachings because it usually abuses the “submissive wife” and it misses the point I’m making.

You chose to walk a path that many aren’t willing to take to see if the initial pain would be worth the outcome. You did something most aren’t willing to do. But make no mistake, it’s about your faith in God, your ability to trust that led you to the place. It was the opposite of submission, you stepped into your full power and chose to believe.

Even as someone who left the Christian church years ago, I enjoyed this story until you gave the church too much credit and through the patriarchy in there. Those are separate subjects. Because it’s about love, God’s love, and even tho I left the church and don’t wear the label, my relationship with God will never fade.

You made this choice. You chose to believe. And you’re reaping the benefits.

Cheers to you 🙌🏽♥️🙏🏽.

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