This is hilarious. There are countless civilizations around us and we have found them - a long time ago. But our governments don’t want the the little people to know because we can’t handle it. It would break religion. It would destroy our trust in government. It would dismantle life as we know it. So they pay people to do “research” and make jokes out of those who believe in galactic beings all in an effort to distract. But plenty of people experience interactions everyday. Many know we aren’t alone because they’ve seen what’s real with their own eyes. And one day, we’ll all be privy to that. In the meantime, expect more articles like these saying we’re alone in a universe that is neverending. Who could be so arrogant to believe we’re all alone? Humans. 😉

PS I’m not cutting down the author here - if you don’t know, ya don’t know. These articles make for great discussions.

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