This is aligned with divine timing. Several years ago, I lived in a foreign country for a year with one small suitcase and the inability to shop. And the experience simplified my life forever. But I’ve been getting the nudge to go deeper with this simplification over the past several months, and it’s felt so good that I keep looking for new areas to do so. We’re moving into heavier times and simplicity—in all ways—is a great tool to better manage it for all the reasons shared here. We need to be in better command of our mind, body, spirit and simplifying will help us to do that. One only needs to try to make a decision about cereal on the cereal aisle to get a glimpse of the exhaustion we face everyday with too many choices and I’m over it. Thank you for pointing this out and 🙌🏽 for flipping the script on the rising food costs!

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