This is a totally false statement. If you have legitimate proof - show it. Otherwise, you’re simply adding to the noise of lies circulating around the web and making it harder for folks to make a good decision.

Yes, I agree that having one’s mind in the right place is important. The vaccine is what we believe - whether that’s good or bad. But that’s it. I’ve done Akashic Record readings on this for several clients and they’ve always shared the same - feel free to check out the post I just shared last week.

It’s one thing to share your opinion - you’re obviously welcome to do that. But don’t try to sound like you’re sharing a neutral stance and then through in total rubbish in the end. That’s very manipulative, which is exactly why I’m calling it out.

The “spiritual” community has done enormous damage to our societies with all the lies over the past two years and it’s been heartbreaking to watch.

It took me several months to decide but yes, I am vaccinated. It is a privilege to be. I didn’t get it out of fear for myself but concern for who I might infect. Many countries don’t even have access. And if I know it can’t harm me, then it can’t.

Please educate yourself accordingly. It’s fine to have an opinion, just don’t throw falsified science into the mix and call it truth. That’s dishonest and a disservice to you’re readers.

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