There’s an interesting part of this discussion that gets left out although you skimmed it…

It’s that women simply don’t find that many men (or women) as attractive as men do. Biology. It always cracks me up to have discussions with my partner about who he finds attractive (hint: basically everyone) versus me (few and far between), or my guy friends versus me. This is whether I’m single or not. It’s all the time!

Women have categories of attractiveness (cute, sexy, hot, marriage-material) versus men who are basically either thumbs up or down. Women are complex. Men are simple.

Men don’t need the total package to be attracted whereas women aka mothers (even those who don’t have babies) want something steady. Because of course, biologically we can only have so many children. And women, in general, are more inclined to settle down than bounce from one to another.

Mind you, I’m speaking in generalities for anyone who is getting offended - I mean no harm. I’m not a mother and even after nearly six years with my partner, the idea of getting married makes me sweat. So I’m outside those generalities, however, I feel those inclinations at times.

It’s all fascinating to me… But I’m beyond thankful that I don’t have to consider online dating because blehhh. I’d rather be single and let serendipity work it’s magic any day than hope Mr Right will like my caption! I mean, what kind of world are we in?

Pretty wild to think about…



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Ahna Hendrix

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