The Difference Between a High Guide and the Akashic Records

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Anyone who knows me knows that I’m the curious sort. It’s part of the reason I was drawn to learn how to read the Akashic Records a few years ago — I had endless questions.

About life. About love. About the Universe. About me.

And here I am still asking them!

Back in February, my Guides within the Akashic Records started taking me through an initiation — one that’s still continuing — and it’s been a wild ride. In the midst of it, I’ve connected with Guides outside the Records and it got me thinking,

“What is the difference between channeling a High Guide versus the Akashic Records?

To clarify, when I say High Guide, I’m referring to any Being who steps forward for our highest and best — who’s aligned with our Soul’s Purpose. It could be an ancestor. Ascended Master. Angel. Guardian Angel. Extraterrestrial beings. etc.

So I sat down with the Records and asked! And per usual, they wanted me to share it with you.

Side note: Neither one is better and I don’t know about you but I want both, haha!

Let me know what you think!

What the difference is between channeling a High Guide and working within the Akashic Records?

“This is something that will take a bit of know-how to fully explain, for it isn’t something that you can necessarily, logically understand. Yet it is at the same time.

When you are working within the Records, you will gain access to information that a Guide may not have.

For here within the Records, all is given. All is available. One must simply ask.

But whenever working with the Guide, you will find that there are guardrails in place to how much they can share. The lengths that they are willing to go.

This is by design, of course. For no Guide can have knowledge or access to all. Its power is slowly wielded in the Records and only here will you be privy to everything.

The Records supersede time and space. There is no beginning or end. There are no boundaries to what we could do or say. We are simply a living archive that never goes away. It can always be accessed if the individual is willing, if their heart is aligned, and if they truly seek to know and learn.

Guides are wonderful — we do not mean to diminish them in any way. For they can provide more of a personal relationship than can be afforded in the Records. For they will know you acutely in a different way than what you will find within the Records.

For here we must remain objective. Here, we do not harbor feelings for those who wish to enter. It’s simply about providing information. And while this information is available to all, there are certain guidelines that will prevent someone from entering.

Working with a High Guide can bring you great direction in your life. But you must be sure they are of the highest light for you and aligned with your life purpose–the mission that you laid out for yourself even before you came into this incarnation. For there are energies that wish to seek and search for opportunities to step in where they may not be helpful. And you must guard yourself against these energies.

You must remain discerning when working with Guides and continually ask yourself, “Do these answers, responses, energies that I feel within my body align with the highest and best for me?”

These are good questions to ask at any time. And even if you find questions coming forward within the Records that seemed to be founded in fear, then you must use your discernment and ask about with whom you are speaking and ensure you are within the Records.

For until one comes to know the difference, deceit can take place. And this is not something that we wish upon anyone. For while there are good lessons here, there are things that you could only learn through experience. And it will harden the relationship you have with the spiritual world. It will make it even harder for you to trust.

Take your time in working with Guides and also within the Records. You must never let go of your discernment. You must never fully rely on anyone’s spiritual modality for your life is too precious and you must take responsibility for it.

But the main difference between working with a Guide and within the Records is the objectivity that we can bring to you without emotion, without concern for outcome, yet fully and completely in love.

For you will always experience this energetic imprint on anything that truly comes through the Records.

Not that we won’t be able to be direct with you or share so called, “bad information”, because we will always be honest with you.

But because of the energy of the Records, you always receive these truths and love.

However, we do not want to dissuade you from working with a Guide. Because again, here you can experience a personal relationship that isn’t available within the Records.

You can truly get to know someone who can guide you at any moment. Who can assist you on your way with your mission. And bring forward real wisdom, love, and guidance on your path.

We would never want to prevent you from working with a Guide. We only seek to differentiate between the two.

Thank you for this wonderful question and we hope that you share it with your community.”

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