That’s too bad that Bumble BFF isn’t a good solution from what you and others shared. But can’t say I’m surprised. I couldn’t ever stand online dating so finding friends that way feels weird.

I’ve lived all over the world and making friends has always been relatively easy by attending networking events, salsa dancing events, getting involved in a local yoga studio, and doing other community activities. PS I’m an introvert.

Even with COVID, there’s still a lot happening in most places.

Personally, I wouldn’t bother trying to make one friend at a time — community activities have always made it so easy for me to meet people and less awkward. But when I go, my goal IS to really connect with one person at a time. Then I usually end up meeting their friends.

Also, newcomer events or groups can be lots of fun.

And a good tip — from my experience anyway — leave the partner at home to meet more people. Folks usually want to make the “single” girl feel welcome so I always meet more solo than when my guy is with me.

Good luck! :))

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