Thank you so much for this. When I first learned about Disorganized attachment from the main site, I was really angry because they didn’t have much info and what I read seemed hopeless—like “stay away from this one”… That could have been my frame of mind at the time, not sure. But I’ve stayed away from the attachment styles because of it.

I’ve always taken self-development seriously so I don’t mind hearing difficult things as they usually help me grow. But it ticked me off and reminded me too much of all the times I was told by doctors that my ADHD could be managed with discipline.

I’m going off-track here but I really appreciated how you broke it down clearly and expressed encouragement around it. Reading this was not only eye-opening but almost exciting in that now I feel like there’s a foundation from which I can start. And thankfully, because I’ve done so much work on myself, my personal spectrum of Disorganized is lower.

However, I have always wondered about the constant push/pull pattern of my relationships and have definitely thought I was broken because of it. Questioned whether I could ever be satisfied with someone. Or why everyone else seemed to love relationships when I loved being alone.

If you have more articles about it or your experience then please share them with me. Either way, I’ll be diving into this more to assist my growth, and I’m excited at what I believe can come. Again, thank you 🙏🏽

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