Thank you for writing about this, Tim! I’m blown away anyone could object to the overall message, because toxic masculinity is running rampant and it hurts everyone. All genders!

And yes, I think toxic feminists play a similar game.

I know it’s tough for men these days, but it’s also tough for women. And even more for those who’s genders aren’t partitioned off into one category.

But this comes down to figuring out how we can balance the masculine and feminine within our societies. As long as we’re riding the waves of extremes, all will be lost.

Unfortunately, I think we’re a far ways off from that. The only way through this is by coming together and healing. Men have been destroying women for ages and it must stop. But women having all the power isn’t the answer either.

How can it be done? I don’t have the answers. But men and women who are equally balanced in their masculine/feminine will lead the way.



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Ahna Hendrix

Spiritual Guide. Akashic Channel. Intuitive Healer. Teacher. Podcaster. When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.