Thank you for sharing this message, Jodie! In the Akashic Records, I’ve looked at so many relationships (between lovers, family, friends, coworkers, etc) that I see everyone as actors in a play. No matter how awful the relationship, everything happens for our benefit. And often, it’s playing out karma of similar abuses in previous lifetimes that both parties chose to experience in this one.

I know it sounds wild to many that anyone would choose to be abused or mistreated or anything of that nature, but that’s because we see it from a surface level position versus from a higher perspective. There are immense lessons in those experiences and opportunities for incredible growth as well.

Perhaps you know Joyce Meyer? She’s a Christian preacher (of sorts) who was repeatedly raped by her father (and anyone he could loan her out to) growing up and her mother choosing to ignore it but chose to overcome that and now focuses on helping Christians build a personal relationship with God. She was basically the first public speaking preacher who talked openly about sexual abuse with total transparency. And she ended up bringing her father to Christ and took care of them until they passed. She often says, “my mess, your miracle” as her story has helped so many. Religion and all that aside, she overcame a gruesome upbringing and turned her life into an amazing service for mankind.

On the flip side, her brother who didn’t experience the same abuse but grew up in the same household couldn’t ever get on his feet no matter how many times she helped him and he died alone as a homeless man.

As you said, every decision is ours - free will reigns. We can either choose to rise above or not. And the beautiful news is that even if we don’t, there’s no condemnation. We’ll simply have to learn that lesson again.

For me, “everything happens for my benefit” is one of my mantras and I try to repeat it no matter what I’m going through. Life isn’t easy, but this is the learning planet - it’s what we’re here to do!

But thank you, Jodie - this message is a great explainer and I’ll send my clients here for continued learning. ♥️



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Ahna Hendrix

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