Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts. Being pushed to do anything goes against our basic human right to decide what we do and don’t want - it’s never going to feel good. And yet governments want to keep their populations safe or at least do what they think will keep us safe.

It’s such a tricky situation and I’m so thankful that I’m not in the position to have to make those decisions for others.

However, I think some of what this is teaching us is to consider how our requirements of others may be overstepping, whether with family, friends, employees, etc. In addition, the importance of caring who’s governing us and uncovering ways to support them to make better decisions. I think when it comes to government, most leaders are forced to choose between two “bad” decisions due to the systems they govern within.

All of this must be cleared to create something that can serve us better as a whole. But until that happens, we’ll continue to find ourselves in these places with nowhere to go.

It’s just part of the journey :))

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