Sure, countries have continued to exist after ceding land to Russia, but these are different times and call for different measures. And Syria is a totally different ballgame.

It’s so grand and arrogant for us to sit around and say what Ukraine should or shouldn’t do when THEY are the ones paying the price and watching their nation and livelihood destroyed in the midst of it.

Where does the responsibility lie? Why add more to the backs of Ukrainians when what they’re currently accomplishing is incredible?

Western countries should be doing MUCH more to assist in ending this war and ensuring food supplies can get out - it’s not just up to Ukrainian. Nor should we require they cede more of their country to a menacing narcissist when they’ve done nothing to start this war.

Yes, it’s a worldly problem but the WORLD should be involved in finding solutions—not just Ukraine.

And if we’re down to believing that the only way out is to give up land then the problem is MUCH bigger than any of the details involved.

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