Photo by Slawek K on Unsplash

Sunrise (A Poem)

I lie in wait of you,

consumed by memory.

Thick lips grazing my skin

long fingers gliding across

my valley-ed curves.

Your body pressed against

my side, the one

sewn into you,

molded for you.

I never knew a two as one,

like you and I, we

are sunrise, sunset and

the stars feeding the earth.

We shine and blind daylight

by the brilliance of our kiss.

We are bold-lettered strength,

burning vibrant colors.

It is how you feel, felt in my hands

your name, on my written wrist,

your love

filling the silent vacancy,

of me.



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Ahna Hendrix

Spiritual Guide. Akashic Channel. Intuitive Healer. Teacher. Podcaster. When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.