Spirituality & Politics Are Interconnected, Not Separate

A call to recognize voting as an extension of contemplative practice

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readOct 21, 2022
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Earlier this week, I received an email from Tara Brach, Meditation Teacher, Author and Psychologist, that set my soul on fire about spirituality and politics.

In it, she was promoting her involvement in the new Mind Our Democracy, a community of meditation, mindfulness, and yoga practitioners who recognize voting as an extension of contemplative practice.

She said, “Engaged spirituality refers to the active engagement of our heart and awareness in service of the greater, collective good. In this way, spirituality and politics are not separate, they are interconnected. Here in the US, our democracy requires the participation of every individual & community to thrive.

Mic drop.

Far too often in the spiritual community, politics are something that gets swept under the rug with ideas like we shouldn’t get involved, they don’t affect us, or that everything will work out on its own.

But the opposite is true.

Just look at what’s happening in Iran! These women — the bravest I’ve ever seen — are risking their lives, beatings, rape and who knows what else to fight for their freedoms and values. How is that not spiritual?

One of the fundamental philosophies within the spiritual community is that we are the creators of our present and future. And in that, if we want something then we must act. Sitting around talking to spirit guides won’t make our dreams come true — we must do that. We must be active participants in that creation.

And politics are no different. Our future is no different.

Spirituality is about coming home to ourselves. To the God within. To who we are. And in that, our values, what we stand for, what we’d fight for, what we long for — what we love.

How is that not political?

Do politicians not stand on podiums preaching their values and dreams in hopes they will align with ours? Are they so dissimilar from preachers who lead a congregation?

And no, I’m not talking about religion.

Spirituality is not separate from politics — they are interwoven and should be the bedrock of one another. Because no politician without a solid spiritual connection will seek to govern for ALL. And politics will never become what it needs to be without spirituality.

They work together.

And in that, WE must work with our political systems. We may not like the systems and structures that govern us — I sure don’t. But until they are replaced, we must work within them to create that change.

Fellow Americans, this is my call to you — especially leading up to these midterms. Our democracy is at stake and I’m not telling you who to vote for — I’m just asking you to vote!

There’s no more time for sitting around the dinner table and complaining about the latest politician who fell short here or there. Time is moving quickly now and we must stake our claim for the direction we want our country to go.

Here are five reasons to vote:

  1. Voting is a right and a privilege that not everyone has. My partner’s family fled the violence of Honduras and legally moved to the US when he was ten years old. Since his first job, he’s paid taxes and social security — into systems he can never receive benefits from unless he gets married. (Yes, our immigration policies are BROKEN) And he would LOVE to vote, but he can’t! So he annoys the crap out of me and would take it personally if I didn’t. There are hundreds of thousands like him who live in this country and follow the rules, yet have no ability to voice their opinion. Vote for those who cannot.
  2. We must take responsibility for our future. No one can change our future but ourselves. And no one can cast a vote in our name — we must do it. If we don’t take responsibility then who will? Do you really believe someone else knows how to fight for your rights? Or that they’ll have your best interest in mind? Maybe they will! But there are no guarantees. Again, sitting back and letting things play out isn’t an option anymore — times have changed. We must take responsibility.
  3. Every vote matters. In the spiritual community, most of us have heard about the split between those in 3D and 5D — those choosing to evolve and those who wish to stay the same. First, there is no hierarchy here — neither is better than the other — we are all evolving in perfect timing. But the Akashic Records have shown me that because of this split in the population, major decisions like the midterms will be very close. And it makes sense, right? We have become a divided nation that’s nearly split right down the middle. In that, every vote REALLY counts right now. But it always has. By taking action and voting, you are assisting in its evolution and that’s more important than you realize.
  4. Voting expresses our love and concern for our country and people. Voting isn’t just a mechanical action that’s simply registered by a machine and forgotten — its imprint lasts and impacts. When we use our personal time, our precious time to place a vote, we show love, we give love and it spreads to those around us. Doesn’t this country need our love to grow and transform? Do you think fighting and arguing will get us anywhere? We are all called to participate in different ways but a beautiful act is that of voting, showing up, and making that declaration.
  5. To change the system, we must engage it. As shared before, our opinions about whether or not our systems work miss the point. They are what is currently in place and therefore our participation actively helps to change the current systems. One step at a time. One vote at a time. If we don’t participate, nothing changes. Or worse — they change in a way we don’t want.

All of this to say, voting matters — please vote!

And if you don’t know how to choose, because let’s face it, we don’t have the best of choices — go here for my easy voting hack:

See you at the polls!

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