Enjoy this mini clip from the September Akashic Records

SEPTEMBER Akashic Record Lesson: Interconnected

Ahna Hendrix


This is the Akashic Record reading for the month of September as channeled for the listeners of Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen. (Returning to Medium soon!)

Fist raised up strong and powerful in the air. Is it alone, or is it surrounded by others? The ground is vibrating below us. There is an awakening that is taking place. A revolution, a revolt, a push back in the direction of a direction that is no longer serving. It is this multitude that surrounds us. It is the steady beat of a drum. Arms raised, lips defiant, ready to take our place in this world.

There is a slow coming undone of everything that has been hanging out in the air. The clothing upon the clothing line Is being stripped down. Thrown into a basket, tossed aside for later keeping. There’s disunity that is happening, a breaking apart from one’s heart. One going to the left, one going to the other side.

What is it that has taken place here? What is it that you can see through dreams and fantasies? Is it the crumbling of your earth? Is it the sky falling? Is it the weeping and the moaning of those who have lost? Is it the gnashing of teeth?

Much is taking place at this time, much crumbling and undoing. Walls are beginning to be torn down. They’re shaking even with the volume and breath of your voice. These walls, the ones that wish to encapsulate you, to keep you hidden, set aside marked for your own.

Where there is no peace in this place, there is no steady forward motion. There is simply the breaking down of all things so that it might be rebuilt. It is the steady evolution of all that is taking place that lands at your doorstep, that sits there waiting to greet you even as you open the door, even as your toes wish to step out — out into the world.

How will they be greeted? What is it that will come your way? What is it that is happening in the midst of all of this unraveling? What is it that is taking place? Do not search for a hiding place. No, you must stand outside and risk being seen. You must rip open your clothes, bare breasts and show the world exactly who it is that you are.

The good and the shadow. The evil that lurks there. The great love that wishes to overtake everything. For you are a summation of all. There is nothing that you see out in the world happening around you, that is not also a part of you. There is nothing that is separate. Nothing that is above or below you. Nothing that can’t take place in your life, if you were perhaps in a different life.

For it is all interconnected, it is all woven tightly into one, it all comes together. Crescendos, bleeds back out into society, and then comes back again. It is this ever flowing flow that is life, that is taking place at this time. Allow it to do its work. Allow it to run the gamut of all things — without standing on top of some hill and pointing fingers of judgment about who was right and who was wrong, for you know nothing. That is right — nothing at this time. It is still steadily coming together.

The story is being told. The characters haven’t yet found their place. There is so much about this setting that isn’t settled. Therefore, find that steady resistance inside of you. Allow it to willfully, soulfully, powerfully come forward in your everyday life. Do not hide behind the burdens of others. Do not allow yourself to believe that you would handle any one situation a different way. For you do not walk in those footsteps. You do not know what it is that they call to, or what it is that is being beckoned to them?

Find grace and love for one another. Allow yourself to be overtaken by grief and sadness. Allow the tears to fall. Allow your humanity to rise. Allow yourself the time and space to be heartbroken and yet find the strength to continue going about your day in hope, joy, love.

For truly what it is that you will experience, what it is that you might see taking place on the landscape around you — it is nothing but a play being played out for you. It wishes to inspire you, to wake you up. To wake up the soul that rests inside. To give it voice and wings. To allow it to come to center stage.

All of this is firmly within your grasp, but you must believe. You must allow the heart to take its place on the center stage, become the center stage. For here is where life is given and here is where it is taken away. There is nothing more than the heart. No, nothing more.

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