SEPTEMBER Akashic Record Forecast: Let Loose

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This is the Akashic Record Forecast for the month of September as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

“There is a wind that billows… Yes, it blows. And it blows. Right through hair, clothes hanging out on clothing lines.

Yes, yes, it is a breeze. A breeze that goes so fast. So fast, indeed that sometimes you cannot even keep up with it.

It goes, and it goes, flying through so many things. Taking a little nibble here. Another one there. Creating with it a continuous snack of what it comes into contact with.

It billows across buildings, through streets, along cars, hallways, navigations of all kinds.

And yet, it lands not. No, no, it simply disappears. It simply falls away.

What will fall away for you in the month ahead?

What is it that you will be leaving behind?

What is it that you will be letting go of?

For all of the months preceding this one have been setting you up for this time to let loose. Disregard anything that no longer fits. Set it aside. Perhaps for a season. Perhaps for forever.

Whatever the case may be, the road ahead requires that you travel lightly. Bring only with you what is most important for you.

Do not try to do all the things, be all the people. For no, no–in this month ahead, it will be downright impossible.

In fact, it will crack you open if you try to push against it and do just that. It will rip and destroy you. Dismembering you in ways that you didn’t even think was possible, if you dare to push back on it.

For the force that is moving through, this breeze, has turned into a mighty wind. And it is blowing aside everything and everyone that is not aligned with it.

This will be taking place above and below. Know that whatever is released in this month ahead will be something that needed to go.

In that, resign yourself now to go with the flow. Shed tears for next to nothing for everything is falling into place exactly the way it should.

But we know that there is a great unburdening that is happening. The very foundations are being ripped from the shores or simply covered over.

For there is so much to be done. So much before the rising seas come. Before the tidal waves. Before the breaking apart. Before the things that cause you fear even now could take place. For everything must be in its right position. And of course it is not yet.

But do not fear in the midst of all of this. For what is coming up for you may be very different from what is happening in the world around you.

You may be experiencing a type of surreal reality. One that doesn’t feel real. Yet you are quite sure that you are awake. Are able to grasp onto what it is that is around you. The people, places, things that bring you joy.

For you are dancing in the middle. A new paradigm is taking place. A new shift is coming forward.

The earth will be breaking as she is reshaping. And so too are you.

Know that this month ahead isn’t going to be easy. In fact, it’s going to call into the very fault lines within you. Require you to go deep, dig up and excavate what it is that you’ve been hiding for so long.

Has it been your truth, your identity, the people in your life, the ways in which you spend your time? Or how it is that you intended on moving forward?

For as you are seeing, the material world is breaking apart. And yet at the same time, it is grasping for breath. It is coming on so strong that you swear it is taking over.

That fear builds within you when you look outside your exterior walls. But do not fear. For this is the last gasp of air before it is overtaken.

Yes, this will take some time. Yes, there will be calamity. Defaults, destruction, chaos, even. But you need fear not. Stand firm on the foundation that we’ve been talking about building for so long. And if you are just now coming to it, know that is okay.

Build up walls around you. Put yourself in a place that allows you to come back home, reside within yourself, even as the world around you screams in wretched terror.

Know that the sun will shine again. That the happiest days are on their way. That you need not fear anything that is to come.

For you have already written out your life. You simply do not know the way in which you will go. But it has already been seen, forecasted. And know that in this, it is divine. And there is nothing you can do to change it.

Let go now. Let yourself get caught up in the stream of life and the ways in which you flow with her. Yes, yes, nurture the you that is within. But do not concern yourself for the days ahead. Simply focus on what is now beneath you. What is now there.

What can it tell you about the days to come?

Are you happy with all that you see?

Is this really where you want to be?

Again, know that this month will rip it apart piece by piece. And when this happens for you–rejoice, knowing that it is because something even better is on its way.

You are not alone, far from alone.

We are always here,

wrapped up and huddled around you.

Simply call upon us at any time for guidance and leading knowing that your prayers will never be left unanswered.”

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