Sending love to you. I’m so sorry you’ve had to experience this. I’ve seen negative articles about people and even commented about their poor form before. Thankfully Medium doesn’t show them to me often.

But I will share that when I was in journalism, a writer wasn’t considered seasoned until we had people going off on us in comments or via email. I remember being blown away the first time it happened and my editorial team cheered like I had won a race. Pretty wild to think about…

The good news, your writing is eliciting emotion and therefore is making an impact. The bad news is that you have to deal with the immature jerkoffs who can’t handle it.

Honestly, I think these types of people will always exist. But if you ask me, Medium is a safe haven compared to FB. I don’t hang on big social platforms anymore because of the negative energy flowing out of them. I’ve loved getting to know the Medium community this year.

Regardless, sending you a hug and deep appreciation for continuing to write and continuing to speak up. Looks like they’re losing either way 😉🙏🏽

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