Searching For Your Purpose? You Need THIS!

Without it, You Wouldn’t Have a Human Experience

Ahna Hendrix
2 min readFeb 7, 2024
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On my walk last week, I was contemplating the WHY behind having a good relationship with our body.

Is it really necessary? Why do I believe this?

My questioning returned me to 2015 when I began connecting with my body, and I had a MAJOR epiphany…

You can’t unite with your life purpose until your body and soul connect. Until you become embodied.

And this goes for women and men!

We hear so much about purpose these days, and while the Akashic Records continue to show me we have multiple purposes in every incarnation, we do have an overriding plan for our lives. A destiny we chose to live out. A particular path to uncover.

But that path stays at arm’s reach until you become embodied. Until you learn how to connect to your body. To listen to its language. To heed its warnings. To know its role in your lifetime.

Only then does the right path for you appear.

In this mini-episode on the Soul Driven Podcast, I share my journey of finding purpose, which began when I started connecting to my body and continues to unfold to this day. All that I’ve stepped into is because of the relationship with my body.

The more embodied I become, the more I embody my purpose in this lifetime.

I also share a channeled Akashic message from An Akashic Journey With the Body that sheds light on WHY your body and soul feel disconnected.

Your body is the most powerful tool you were given for this lifetime. It’s embedded with codes to your evolution. It’s an instrument for your intuitive senses. And without it, you wouldn’t have a human experience.

This is why the channeled information in ‘An Akashic Journey With the Body’ is life-changing!

It revolutionizes how you understand your body. It provides the purpose and history behind it. It demystifies how to care for it. And it sets you on the path toward life’s purpose. Expansion. And accomplishing what you came here to do!

THIS is why the Akashic Records emphasized the importance of connecting with our bodies in the 2024 Akashic Forecast — to remove the blocks preventing you from YOUR purpose.

There are only 2 seats left in An Akashic Journey With the Body — join us and transform your life by transforming your relationship with your body!

The first LIVE session kicks off February 11th — hope to see you there!

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