Q4 Akashic Forecast

There is always higher to go

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readNov 8, 2023
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This is the Q4 Akashic Forecast originally channeled for the 2023 Akashic Forecast Toolkit: Empowering the Self. Tune into the live version to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. The 2024 Akashic & Astrology Forecast Toolkit is coming soon!

What’s happening in the final quarter of 2023? What have we been learning during 2023? How can we best utilize these next few months to prepare for 2024?

These final weeks of 2023 are meant to be spent purposefully readying ourselves for all that’s coming in 2024. It’s a Dragon (Chinese astrology) year. An 8 (numerology) year. A Strength (tarot) year. And a FIRE year according to the Akashic Records.

All that’s been taking place since the Aries full moon at the end of September has been a small preview of what to expect in the coming year, and while that may bring you trepidation — please know, there’s also expansive clarity and MAGIC on the way.

ALL things happen for OUR benefit. AND we are ALREADY equipped for what’s coming.

Replace fear with curiosity. Switch out worry for excitement. And allow yourself to dream about what want to create in 2024.

Because my friend, ALL things are possible to those who believe.

Enjoy this powerful channeled Akashic message — I pray it serves and edifies your beautiful heart.

Let me know how it resonates!

“Well my my, this is going to be a big one.

Yes, yes, so many things coming at you at one time. For there will be shifts, shakes, things burbling up from underground. For you have spent a whole year defining what it is for yourself, that you want to be in these times. Perhaps you are one of the many who has simply gotten caught up, twisted around, and pushed out, back into the world.

One of those who does not choose to do the foundational work that it will take to anchor yourself in for the times to come.

We know that it’s not easy. And we also know that not everyone is meant to be doing this work. But much of what 2023 was about was laying a foundation for each and every one of you in your own way. Learning how to see things from a different perspective. Learning how to show up in different ways.

Taking advantage of the ways in which you show up in the world and learning how to see things more clearly. This is simply going to amplify moving into the last part of 2023.

For stepping into 2024 is going to be such a different experience. Yes, the energy is going to shift rapidly. In fact, it will seem as if overnight the lights have turned on, the traffic has resumed, and there is so much happening — you don’t know quite how to handle it all.

In that, it’s very important for you to spend the remainder of this year tightening down the hatches, building up that foundation that stands beneath you, really digging into the areas and crevices within yourself that where you are not being honest.

Where you are accepting less than?

Where you are showing up and not being fully yourself?

Who is it in your life that needs to go? What things need to be taken out, given away, cleaned, cleared.

For even in the midst of these coming months, there is going to be much that is taking place. Again, so much shifting on the planet at this time, and it’s not going to be easy for you to bore down into that which is most important for you.

You must make this a priority for yourself. You must learn how to spend time in silence so that you can connect with the spiritual wisdom within, that which resides within you. The love that is ever expanding. The peace that knows no bounds. The wisdom that will always carry you forward.

This is your responsibility. You cannot tiptoe around it anymore. For continuing to do so will only be at your own detriment, and the detriment of those around you.

For you are being woken up, those who hear this message, woken up to a higher and higher level.

For there is always higher to go, more to climb, and ways in which you can expand from moment to moment. There will always be more while you are in this human existence. For not everything is meant to be forward and back, side to side. Life moves and turns and twists exactly in the ways and chorus that it is meant to.

You too, do the same. And it will be on your own terms that you move forward.

So, once again, we ask you, who do you want to be?

How do you want to show up?

What is it that you have to give to this world?

You need not have all the answers now, but you need to be more clear about these things moving into the next year, as many of you are going to be initiated to that next level.

And if you do not have underneath you, what will assist you in holding up, you will break and fall apart and need to start all over.

We know that this greatly frustrates you. We know that it makes you angry with the universe. Yet it is not our fault for you lay your own path.

Know that as this channel has shared before, it is not a race and you cannot fail.

That which you do not move through will come about again and again until you have the opportunity to take one step to the other, and to leave the last one cleanly behind.

But nothing is simple in these times. No, no, nothing. Gather around yourself the people, places, things that bring you back to center. That introduce you to the newness that you are becoming.

Make sure to put those in your life who challenge you to step up to that next level, so that you do not find yourself lost in complacency, but are able to withstand all that is coming towards you. For there will be much.

But you are strong and able. You have with you tools and practices, guides and support and there is nothing that you cannot do unless you believe there is something that you can not do.

But you must set aside these beliefs. You must see yourself as victorious. And you must begin walking forward. Readying yourself one moment at a time for what is to come. Remembering who you are. Remembering the support that is always readily available to you.

And not hesitating to ask when you need it.

Reach out your hands, step in to the sun.

Allow yourself to find your place on this planet to begin ushering in the newness that is here now.”

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