Props to you, Damian, for owning up to your mistakes, especially since there was no reason to and it opens you up to scrutiny and judgment. It’s this self awareness that can change a person and help them grow to leave those parts behind. And yes, you clearly have an Angel who is helping you heal your past with unconditional love. You’re very blessed and it’s good you’re realizing it because I’m sure it won’t last forever.

One thing I wanted to point out is your age… It’s likely you’re at the beginning of or in the midst of your Saturn return. If the initiation of this transit is taken, this year you will leave the selfishness of youth and step into adulthood, which includes caring about others in a new way and becoming more responsible about how you show up in life.

In the astrological world, we know that a person’s true essence doesn’t show up until one has navigated this part of their life. Meaning, a person who’s a total train wreck could completely transform when they hit their Saturn return and change their life around. It’s the “sign of relief” for parents who think their kids are a lost cause or perhaps partners who question their decision.

I share because this article gives me the impression that not only are you in the midst of it but that you’re taking advantage of it and allowing it to mature you in bountiful ways.

Much luck to you both! ♥️🙏🏽

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