Our Differences: An Akashic Message for the United States

It is what will inevitably free us

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readOct 19, 2022


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Even with so many distractions in my personal life this month, it’s been difficult to separate my energy from the Collective frenzy. Especially here in the United States.

It’s as if fear is trying its damnedest to seep into allll things. Work. Relationships. Life. Etc. And it’s not been easy to withstand.

For a few months, I’ve felt a deep heaviness about the final quarter of this year. Partly to do with the US and what I believe is coming. But also with our planet. I’ll be providing a reading about this in the coming week.

The astrology is winding up and I hope that you have been cultivating the solid foundation the Akashic Records advised us to develop as we’ve got major transits beginning this Sunday and not letting up until the early parts of 2023.

In that, I’ll be sharing much more and doing my best to provide support at this time from the Akashic Records.

For now, an Akashic message about the United States wanted to come through and it’s one I hope we hold close to our hearts, especially with the heat of the midterms.

Fellow Americans, I beg of you to find the Middle Space as we move forward knowing that what makes us different is ultimately what makes us great. But I’ll let the Akashic Records share their view.

As always, I pray this serves.

There’s a lot of that running about the streets these days.

Yes, running back and forth. Turning tables over. Flashing IDs and badges. Stomping feet and saying, I am one thing or another. Choosing sides. Picking where it is that you’re going to be sitting. Figuring out who it is you want to be sitting by.

Yes, yes — the many colors. They haven’t been used to your greatest advantage. No, surely they haven’t. For they have been put down, pushed aside, even set behind in years past.

But what is coming to the forefront is a gentle tide. A total transformation. A reconfiguring of that which is within for that which no longer serves.

For there are many reasons that the feathers are being plucked out. And yes, one by one they feel, they hurt, they pain. But when you look out at the world, at your brothers and sisters, do you not feel pain for them?

Do you not question why it is that you seemingly have it better? Do you not question the concepts? The precepts? The things that hold up your liberties? And offer them up in comparison, asking yourself what it might be in your land if it appeared as their land.

Do you not take their suffering and hardships to heart? Do you not realize that what can happen there, can also happen here? For there are many great lands upon this earth — unlimited, in fact. For all serve a purpose. All are great and knowing in their own way. And carry upon themselves beautiful people, minds, ecstasies, treasures, cultures, all within the palms of their hands.

Yet within United States, it seems as if there are so many problems about these differences when much of the world has already learned how to tolerate them. Yes, there needs to be growth there as well. But within the United States, there seems to be quite a problem with the acceptance of one another.

Do you not realize that your lives have been bought and paid for by those that are in charge? And when we say those who are in charge, we are not talking about the figureheads that you see flashed upon the news screens. No, no. Nor the names that pop up in the newspapers or your favorite online communities.

No. These names never see the light of day for they are pushed back, lurking and in the backgrounds. Yet pulling strings for all who know and see and believe that they are walking upon their own earth. Yet they do not realize that their freedom was sold a long time.

What you must understand at this time is that your differences of skin color, gender, faiths, beliefs, perspectives, all things — these are your greatest strengths and you have forgotten to play upon them.

In a world that seeks to crush you, you can stand tall with one another. For where you fall short, your neighbor will be able to pick you up. And where they cannot see clearly, there is someone else who will guide the way.

For it is your differences that make you strong and it is your differences that will once again unite you in the end. But alas, we are getting ahead of ourselves for there is much time to pass on this planet before these things will begin taking place.

For now, what you must know moving ahead is it is your differences that bind you, that guide you, that will inevitably free you. And in these, you must lean on and depend. For they can carry you through so much.

They can create solutions, provisions, and ensure that all are taken care of.

For there is space for ALL.

Do not allow yourself to get caught up in the lack mentality when considering your differences for these will create more abundance than you could ever imagine.”

How did this message resonate with you?

As I channeled this message, my heart felt excited by the visions of our future coming through. A future of multi-varied people who honored differences among us. A coming together to break the chains that currently own us. A rebuild of all that is here.

There is no one political party, no one gender, no one anything that will lead us there. It is only through togetherness that we can experience the true freedom that America was created to experience.

Our differences blend together to create the perfect solutions for a beautiful future.

And this also rings true for all countries of the world — the US is but one.

In this, ALL things that divide must be regarded with suspicion. Must be second-guessed. Must be reconsidered. Follow your own wisdom first and foremost. But do not allow your sight to be covered with your opinions of others. Or emotions that may come and go. We must lead with our hearts to find one another.

Together is the only way forward.

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