Oh my goodness, Jodie - I absolutely love your channeling connection! It is so clear. And I know that’s more you than them - you’re a pure channel! Loved reading this one, there’s so much fascinating information and it’s broken down nice and simple.

I want to read it a few more times to let everything sink in. I’ve heard most of it but want to sit with what you’ve shared and compare it to my experiences with Guides. But I’m so glad they reiterated the importance of asking for our higher Guides - I always and only do that. It’s an important step!

Channel to channel - may I ask, how long have you been channeling? And how often do you make it a point to connect with them? I’m always curious to know the habits of others.

So thankful to have found you on Medium and glad you’re sharing your gift with the world 😊🙏🏽♥️



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Ahna Hendrix

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