Oh my - celiac annnd lactose-intolerant here, and I swear something else because even sticking hard to these two (which is basically everything) still gets me in trouble sometimes. Feeeeeel you. That said—all I want back is pizza (NY style) and beer! I haven’t ever been a big fan of Christmas foods because breaded stuff never made me feel good (gee, wonder why), so I didn’t build a fascination for them. However, REAL pizza I love so much that every so often, I allow myself to suffer for it and praise God while eating it. When Harry Met Sally orgasm like WOAH.

Side note—I call it the best diet simply because I don’t even have to think about saying no to allllllllll the cookies and deliciousness that would probably give me an anxiety attack to think about IF I had the option.

This lady isn’t great at saying no to yummy food.

Sending love and a little knuckle punch!

Btw, I read that there are so many Italians with celiacs that the McDonalds has a GF menu—true?



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Ahna Hendrix

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