OCTOBER Akashic Record Lesson: Coming Apart

This is the Akashic Record reading for the month of October as channeled for the listeners of Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

“Chaos is what is ensuing even as we speak. Small titillations of the world are going back and forth, left and right, front to back, up and down. Those polarities, well they seem to be singing a ripening tune. It gets louder, grows heavier.

For truly, there is a breaking apart that is happening, a split down the centerline of your planet between those who see and those who refuse to do so. The split is growing deeper. The divide is becoming wider. The melodies and tunes from this earlier year are breaking apart into cries and cackles, into violent doings, into constant undoings.

For truly, the mantle is breaking apart. It is coming down, it is coming undone. There are no foundations that were built upon mud and putty that will withstand the direct force that is taking place. No, they will not be able to stand. They will fall to the wayside. They will be lost in the darkness. For there is no place for them anymore.

These are dark endeavors. Yes, we know. But always, there is darkness before the light. There is truth before the dawn. And this truth is ringing louder and louder. It is a beating drum, it is a steady heartbeat of those who are continuing forward regardless of how the earth below them breaks apart and becomes unsteady.

For they will be the ones carrying the torch into the future, carrying that bright light that so many of you are looking to find, yet do not see the very light that resides inside of you. The one that wishes to turn on, the one that wishes to be seen by its neighbors, to be heard loud, sound, proud. Beating upon the ground that is falling apart.

These are not easy times for many. Yes, we know this is true but do not lose heart. Do not stop believing. Do not allow yourself to get swept up in all that is being swept up around you. Do not lose yourself in the headlines or fill your time with the voices of others who only seek to fill you with fear, to make you believe that unless you buy their product, do their thing, you will be left broken wanting and in need.

For these are falsities of the greatest proportion. These are the lies that are breaking apart the very foundation upon which you all stand. And that is why the ground beneath you feels so unsteady.

We know we sound like a broken record when we invite you to come back inside. When we say to you go internal, connect with a deep rooted wisdom that is within you. The peace that knows no boundaries. The great depth. The love that can move mountains. The eternal bliss that is always residing within you at any time, if you seek it out.

Perhaps our broken record will begin to get through to you. It will begin to seep into your very pores. And you will take it to heart. And you will put it into practice. And you will make it a part of you.

For truly, there is no greater tool that you can carry at this time for as each day passes, your understanding grows deeper as you acknowledge further that your control is fruitless, it knows no bounds, it can’t be calculated or counted upon. For it is empty and frivolous.

There is no control that can hold you up or keep you safe. No, that is something that you must let go. Surrender to these times. Surrender to what is. Surrender to the great breaking apart. And know that with all of your soul, that YES, even in these times, you can be empowered.

You can find a high place from which to look down upon. You can find peace, resilience, even enjoyment. And we don’t speak of the enjoyment found through material things, through the entertainment at your fingertips, no. We speak about an enjoyment that comes through the simple joys of your heart, and acknowledgement of how much you do have even in these times.

This is a great unfolding. This is a coming apart. This is the dawning of a new age. An age of light, of love, of a coming together.

But first, much breaking down must take place. Do not lose your heart or grow weary. Take care of yourselves. Be gentle and kind with all of the emotions percolating to the top — the stresses, frustrations, irritations, loneliness.

We know these are not easy times and yet you asked to be here, to experience this. Do not forget that no one is responsible for that but yourself. It was a choice you made. You have been given all the tools to live right and well in these times.

Lean on the great magic that is within you. Lean on the strength that you have. Lean on those around you who are also looking to stand up right and do right by this planet at this time. For among yourselves, you’ll find a band of brothers and sisters who can unite and bring about the great changes your souls have all dreamed of.

Stand tall. Don’t lose faith. For we are still at the very beginning.”

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