OCTOBER Akashic Record Forecast: Guiding Light

You have been living in a mirage far too long

Ahna Hendrix
6 min readSep 28, 2022
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This is the Akashic Record Forecast for the month of October as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

“There is a guiding light peeking out through the clouds ahead, above.

Yes, it shines brightly down on all that is below it. Highlighting certain things that one must review. Spend time with. Consider.

For the path is moving faster and faster. It’s almost as if you’re on an elliptical these days. And yet other days it feels as if you are drifting in a pool of dead water. Dead, meaning without movement, without force, without depth. Simply lying there. Pushing away the cobwebs from your eyes as you are stepping further and further into a forest. A forest that has so many things lurching upon its very branches, staring down at you.

Where have you been taken in this space?

We know that it’s been surreal, that it’s been dark at times, difficult in others. Yet many of you have found joy even in the midst of feeling so lost. So forgotten. So pushed aside. But this light, it finds you, it reinvigorates you. It reminds you of all that is left ahead.

For there is more trudging to do. Yes, more forward motion on your part. For you must continue wading through the muck that has been building up for so long in your personal lives. And yes, in the world at large as well.

This month, it will be coming to a crescendo, of sorts. A clanging together of the symbols that make so much sound they reverberate in your ears. Their clinging, clanging wakes you up.

Do not despair in these times.

Do not allow yourself to be pulled from one side to another. No, place your feet firmly in the ground knowing that only here will you be able to take in all that is happening around you.

Much of what is happening these days is just a continuation of the build towards what is coming in future years. For it is building and will be building for some time. But you need not worry about this. You need not allow yourself to get lost in that, for all that matters is in the here and now.

It is all that you have in your tiny palm of a world.

A world within your fingertips.

A world that can be squished and squeezed and bounced around.

Yes, yes.

This world.

What is it about this world that makes you have such a difficult time? Yet brings you such enormous joy, fulfillment, depth. This is what you signed up for, you know, “the whole earthly experience” as they say.

They offered it up to you and you took it without warning, without concern. You jumped in, you dove in. You said yes to this time and place.

Never forget that.

Never forget that there are so many more who would also wish to be at your side. Experiencing what you get to see, feel, hear, know on a daily basis. Yet even while it seems that the world is crumbling — touch in, touch in, Friends, with what is most important around you.

Cover yourself with gratitude. Cover yourself with the words and moments. With the memories that bring you back to your center when you feel lost.

And come to us.

Do not forget your abilities to communicate directly with us. Do not forget that you too are capable of connecting with a deep wisdom that is within you. Of all that wants to come to the surface. Of all that wants to be seen and felt in your world, through you, given to others.

Yet primarily experienced within yourself.

Know that this, this is the bliss that you seek and search for. Know that there is simply nothing in this earthly realm that could take you to the depth that you can take yourself. Nor fill you with such awe as what is right inside of you.

For you are epic, we say. You are a wonder. You are a myth. You are a beauty — yet, still unknown to yourself. And we, we simply get to remind you of it.

This month is going to be bring quite a bit of tyranny. Yes. It’s going to be another tough one. For Mother Nature will be rearing her head, seeking to rebalance all that is out of balance. This will not be ceasing for some time.

But within your own internal worlds, so too, will there be upheaval as you are being called to face what is within. As you are being called to look at what you refuse to see. Yet, what you are beginning to take in.

Know that all of this harshness and difficulties, know that these energies that surround and compound are simply here to further awaken you. To remind you of what is here. To help you reconnect with who you are.

In these times, find a steady base. Build it for yourself.

We know that we’ve shared this so many times. Yet we cannot tire of saying it because so many of you do not listen. No, you continue going about your days — faster and faster, more and more. Only ceasing when you are being pushed down on your bed, disallowed to leave your home, whether through emergency or health or other circumstances that would seem like they are tying your hands behind your back.

But no, that is not what is happening.

These are simply events that are arising, hoping to shake you out of the dream in which you have placed yourself for so long. Yes, you have seen moments of clarity, but it is time.

It is time to begin seeing the world for what it is. The systems and structures for what they truly are. To begin using your voice. To begin seeing things clearly.

For you have been living in a mirage for far too long. And while it has served a purpose, that purpose is dying. And a new purpose is rising.

One in which you are given your power back.

One in which you remember who you are.

One in which you reconnect with the God within.

With what has always been here. With what will always be, even when you have been long gone.

In this month, do not allow yourself to be swept up. Bind yourself to the foundations that hold you down and ground you into the very earth where you must stay.

For they will be your survival strategies. They will be what gets you through these times.

But of course, do not forget the things that bring you joy. The people, places, things that leave a smile on your mouth. That help you to remember “life is but a game”. You are simply here to learn and experience.

You are simply here playing a part like the actors and actresses that you see on the big screen. But your life is the current big screen. And each and every day, you get to choose how you show up. Who you are. What you will be a part of. Who you will surround yourself by. What you will allow into your space. What you will build up and edify. And what you will place beneath your feet. What you will let go of.

What you will surrender to the wind?

In this and always Friends, bind yourself to gratitude. Bind yourself to seeing the great riches that are within, that are in your life even now. Knowing that there are so many who do not have what you. Nor will they ever. Rejoice in these things, simply being thankful for your part. Knowing that each one is playing their own, and love one another.

Use love as your guiding light this month, even as it makes its way to you. Allow that love to pour through you and out through you. Surrounding you and not only your world, but the many worlds in which you come into contact with. The many worlds which are always abiding around you, at any given.

These times are not easy, no. But these times bring greater riches than you could ever imagine, simply because they require you to connect with yourself.

Enjoy this month, Friends.

Do not forget to pray.

Do not forget to connect.

Do not forget to find yourself.”

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