NOVEMBER Akashic Forecast: Initiation

The outcome and the decision are yours

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readOct 26, 2022
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This is the Akashic Record Forecast for the month of November as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

“Crackles and pops. Crackles and pops.

Popping here, popping there. It’s almost as if firecrackers are popping off everywhere. Blazing through the sky, their bright colors. Their heat, magnetic energy.

You can almost smell them as if it’s a warm July evening. But July is not here, and you are not now.

For there’s going to be so much moving forward. Yes. So, so much. It’s time to buckle in, place your feet on the ground, get serious and ready.

Because there will be much ahead that will need your focus for this drive. There are bumps in the roads. There are ravines you will need to fly over. And we do not need to hesitate and hold back.

No, we only wish to say there is trouble on the way.

Now trouble can be looked at from many different directions, correct? Trouble can be something that furthers you, grows you, makes you into a better person. But trouble can also be something that you trip over. Something that you get stuck in. Or something that takes you completely off course.

What we wish to share with you, as we say this, is simply that the outcome and the decision are yours.

For the world is crackling and popping. There are so many different bubbles, air bubbles, that will be letting loose into the sky. As Martha Earth groans and moans beneath the very feet of so many of you. For she is growing quite tired of all that she has been enduring and she too is waking up, as we have been speaking about for so long.

But what is taking place within her is also taking place within you. For you are both two and one, similar, exact, the same. Except that you are not. But her emotions are yours. Her experiences, yours also. And therefore, when the people have said the macro and the micro, this is a perfect example.

For there will be many fireworks shooting off in your own life right now as things are getting more and more tense. And that tense intensity is meant to grind out everything that is not meant to stand with you. It is meant to rip the covers off of trash cans so that you can see down into what is lying there. And leave it on the street to be picked up by another.

This too is a decision that you will have to make.

For in the coming month ahead there will be moments when you must make stark decisions.

Will you be able to do so?

Or will you continue walking the same road that you have tried to walk for so long?

Will you take this invitation to rip off the shades, to see clear the sunlight, to allow it to beat down upon you–fizzling away everything that no longer serves?

We know that you’ve heard the saying so many times. Yet, it is so true. So, so true. For there are things that pop up and arise from moment to moment, and at times they are so truly aligned, and then at others they are not.

In this, try to keep love within yourself for them, even if you are way walking away from a beloved.

From someone you have been friends with for a long time. From a career that you admired. From family members with whom you wish to love.

So, so many things are breaking and pulling apart at this time because decisions, decisions, decisions must be made in order for all to proceed. The more distinct, clear, precise that you can be, the easier your walk will be.

In this, make sure to spend time with yourself. For we have been inviting you into this connection with self for so long, but what have you done with it? Have you taken our advice or have you simply continued speeding down the highway? Going at those mock speeds that you have always preferred to live. Balancing so many things. Juggling. Yes, juggling with both hands.

But where has that gotten you?

If you find yourself in these times feeling tense, wound in pain, angry, upset, allow these energies to bleed out of you–for that is meant to occur at this time.

But also know that they are signs and signals, allowing you to see what is not aligned on your road, what is not coming together.

It is valuable information for you, but only you can make the decisions about how to go about it. In this, take heed and caution and take time with yourself.

But know that you cannot fail. Know that even if you miss this initiation, there will be others. For that is the flow of life. That is the way things work. And even if you trip and fall, you will get back up again. Yes, of course, you will.

For you have been built, and strong. And you are ready and able. And you know not yet what you are made of.

But know this, it is the stuff of stars. Of brilliance, of energetic movement that cannot be bound. Know what is within you is pure strength because it is pure love.

But you must find it. And this comes through decisions, decisions, decisions.

This month, take heed and caution with all that comes your way. Try not to live life at a pace that is out of your reach. Slow down. Slow down.

And yes, we know we’ve been telling you this. But you must understand that in these times because they are moving so quickly, you MUST slow down. Otherwise, you too will get crumpled up as if a ball, as if a ball of trash. And go flying away in the wind, in the air with all else that too is being picked up at this time.

You must stay anchored into the ground. How you go about doing this will be different for everyone. Do not judge how it works for you, but simply make it a part of your practice.

Pray. Lifting up your feelings and emotions, allowing your energetics to be expressed to the Universe no matter what they are. Bring your anger and rage, your frustration and disappointment, your fears. Oh yes, all of your fears and tears, even your great love and joy.

Bring it to us and we will return to the stars. We will return it to the galaxy that lives around you, helping you to once again move forward free and clear.

More yourself,

More ready for all that is to come.”

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