Not trying to be rude, but to me, you’re simply talking about the difference between “ultra-skinny” (heroine chic) and skinny. The average American woman is FAR above 119 pounds — I think it’s more around 140 pounds. I’m 5’3, curvy and at 125 my mother was asking me if I was anorexic.

We’re all built differently but to me, the “regular” women you’re talking about in this article are still extremely thin.

All that being said, I think men are attracted to confidence more than anything, so the weight isn’t a major factor. In fact, they’re attracted to just about anything. And I don’t say that negatively—I mean, they’re nowhere as picky about body types as women believe they are. But women are, which is why they believe this.

Either way, when discussing the difference between 5-10 pounds, all under 120 (especially at 5’5), it’s not a real discussion—it’s subtle nuance. Most women would agree, it’s all skinny.

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