My pleasure and happy to have you! The Akashic Records are total love so while you/we catch glimpses in our daily life here and there and it’s an energetic container so it’s always “around us”, experiencing the Records is primarily about intention. And learning how to communicate with energy at that level. Because we all experience the Records in different ways, I’d be very intentional before saying—no, it doesn’t happen like that. But there are definitely parameters and guidelines. The Akasha encapsulates everything so the workshop is a great starting point but there’s soooo much more. However, we’ll be doing an initiation into the Records to clarify intentions and remove blocks, so it will be interesting to see what your experiences are afterwards.

And edibles/gummies are theeeee worst IMO. I’ve tried them twice in my life and each time was a terrible experience that I couldn’t wait to end. 🙈😊🙏🏽

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