My Guiding Quote for Life

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Truth be told, as someone who created a marketing agency in 2012, I’ve seen my fair share of folks who built entire businesses around quoting themselves and have always found it odd.

It used to be considered arrogant but these days it’s normal and in many cases, considered the better decision to ensure accuracy.

Even so, it’s still weird for me to create quote cards and attach my name. Maybe it’s a female thing. Maybe it’s my old religious background. Maybe it’s my previous judgment. But all these things are like “WHO do you think you are to share one of your quotes?

It’s an odd phenomenon I’m still wrestling with.

But in 2016, one day while working away on a new business venture, I was given a download for a quote that immediately became ALL things for me.

What’s a download? you ask. My definition — it was intuitively given to me by God, my Guides, whomever. It appeared. It wasn’t sought, it was given. It landed in my proverbial lap and was instantly perfect.

I’m given downloads all the time about a number of things — my business, clients, strategy, spiritual readings, relationships, etc. I’m even given downloads about simple things like what items to add to the grocery list, what chore I’ve forgotten or the solution to a problem I’m having.

I love downloads. They’re intuitive hits from the Universe and I’m thankful for every one that I’m aware enough to grab hold of.

For the nerds in the crowd — I keep a running list of “Messages” on my phone to capture whatever is given to me.

But in 2016, while contemplating the enormity of what I was diving into and why, this beautiful quote was given to me:

“When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.”

It was a time in my life where self-care (not just bubble baths) had become a top priority and I had realized how important it was — not just for myself, but also for everyone around me.

When I invest in myself, the world around me benefits. When I stick to my morning routine, I’m kinder. When I show up for my workout routines, I’m happier. When I eat foods that nourish my body, I feel amazing. And on and on.

It was a quote that could be applied to any area of my life and I now use it as the leading quote for my podcast, with my clients, and in casual conversation.

Because it’s truth is undeniable. Plus, it’s a positive message that needs to be shared. Taking care and investing in ourselves isn’t selfish, it’s necessary IF we want to give our best selves to the world.

It’s why mothers need to schedule exercise/alone time. It’s why taking time off is important. It’s why spending time outside is crucial. It’s why putting away all the screens is needed. It’s why quiet time should be a priority. It’s why exercise and nutritous foods (with the occasion bowl of ice cream) is wisdom.

And on and on.

Because every little investment we make in ourselves, benefits the world around us.



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Ahna Hendrix

Spiritual Guide. Akashic Channel. Intuitive Healer. Teacher. Podcaster. When we invest in ourselves, the world benefits.