MAY Akashic Forecast: Different Directions

Have Faith in These Times

Ahna Hendrix
5 min readApr 27, 2023
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This is the Akashic Forecast for the month of MAY as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

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Today, we’re diving into May and our monthly theme: Different Directions. The month ahead is a continuation of April’s energy, which transforms into something completely different toward the middle (and into the end) of the month.

But in the midst of these shifts, we’re feeling multiple energies coming from every direction!

May is about the body. About focusing in on ourselves. About preparation for all that’s coming in the latter part of this year. As the Akashic Records ask,

“What will You be in these times? What will You do? Will You allow yourself to get caught up in it or will You stand on solid ground, ready and able for what is next?”

It’s a time of evaluation and decisions that can only be done through grounding ourselves. Connecting with ourselves. Who will you be in the midst of a world that’s crumbling to the ground?

Let me know how this resonates with you!

“ Rumblings, rumblings…

Yes, they come forward at a high pitch bouncing from here and there for the energy is moving quite rapidly again.

Yes, yes, it beats like a drum — boom, boom, boom, boom. Here and there. Here and there. Things are dropping from the air. Coming up through the ground.

For so much is waking up, coming at you from all different directions.

Yes, it’s as if lightning bolts are piercing different parts of your skin, of your body, of the things that surround you. For the glass that you have been living inside has been shattered.

Yes, yes, it’s been torn apart, thrown to the ground. There is nothing left in its place. Nothing between you and the outside world.

For the raging, pillaging, all that is taking place around you. It happens on a landscape. It pierces your heart. It seeps up through your feet. It comes at you from different directions…

And you, oh you, can you stand there? Can you withstand all that is coming your way with the rumblings, the shakings, the things that are happening?

Your heart, yes, it’s opening, expanding, broadening.

For you see before yourself more and more clearly. You can no longer look away when things are not what they should be. No, no, you walk into the quicksand knowing that by doing so, you will save yourself. For there you will feel protected, bound, covered.

For in the outside world, you feel raw and exposed. Raw and exposed.

The sky itself, it will rain down upon you fire and brimstone, as they say.

Many, many things taking place at this time now. Yes, yes, coming from all different directions. You must find your steady ground. That foundation that we have spoken of so many different times.

It is in these times that you will be coming to different terms with yourself. Seeing yourself in a new light, under the starry sky above. Yes, yes, you will look at yourself in the mirror and wonder who is this Being? What are they here for? What is meant for them?

For purpose is coming up and pushing its way through you now. At a steadier pace than ever before.

You are asking the questions. Your eyes are opening. And even in the world around you, they too are awakening in their own way.

Even those who have stood within their centered judgments, within the ways in which they see the world, they are beginning to crack open to see things a little bit differently.

You must understand that things are going to get quite ugly before they can be pushed under a rug, released, and let go.

You, you running through tornadoes, crashing into walls, building up as if a vine wrapping itself around your home.

What will You be in these times?

What will You do?

Will You allow yourself to get caught up in it or will You stand on solid ground, ready and able for what is next?

Take care of your mind in these times and your body, too. For it will feel the impact of all that’s happening around you, even before it seeps into the very depths of you.

But you must protect yourself in these ways. Think about the things that you allow to come into your mind. The things that you bring into your body. Yes, of course, we speak of food, but also even more what is it that you are spending your time doing? Are you being with those that you love?

For as the world races forward, and as things begin to tear up and fall… Fall, like ashes through the sky… Fall, like pelted rain beating up against your skin, washing itself through your hair. Falling damp and dark onto the ground below it… So much, so much, whirlwinds and such.

These are not times for the weary or those who do not wish to participate.

No, for those who do not wish to participate will be leaving the planet at this time. As we have spoken of before, the mass exodus of souls right now are those whom cannot withstand all that is taking place on planet Earth at this time.

But you must love Her, tend to Her, think of Her. Pray for Her. For She needs your strength, your love, your guidance, your ability to see through the storm that you are walking into.

Know that this year is going to be moving steady, steady now into this storm. And this month why it’s going to bring up everything. Washing itself from here to there.

Bringing up the debris that has been laying around for so long. It will seem as if you are in the midst of a tornado.

Have faith in these times. Stick to what it is that you know. Do the things that keep you grounded and steady. Hold hands. Share kisses. Wrap your arms around those you love, and let them wrap around you. Go out and do things. Be with nature. Speak to Mother Earth.

The Earth that is culminating around you, shifting and changing underneath your feet. Your feet. Your feet. Oh yes, your feet. Take care of your feet. Take care of your vessel.

Nurture it. Care for it. Allow it to speak to you. Get lost in conversation with it. Allow yourself to be one and the same whether you are in the storm or in the midst of peace and calm.

Do what it is that brings you back to these places.

Know that this is a time of metamorphosis. Of changes and shifts. Of things blowing through your hair.

It will be difficult to grasp time and space. To feel sure about where you’re going and what you are doing.

Know that this is part of the dance, part of the way that things are coming down now.

Have peace and patience.

Ground yourself.

Ground yourself.”

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