MARCH Akashic Forecast: No Turning Back

Here It Comes

Ahna Hendrix
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This is the Akashic Forecast for the month of MARCH as channeled for the listeners of the Soul Driven Podcast. I highly recommend listening to enjoy the fullness and healing energy that comes through the Records. Click HERE to listen.

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This month’s message speaks for itself — there’s no turning back on the past. We must look forward, plan forward, and allow ourselves to step into what is coming. Holding back will only bring suffering. And surrender…

Surrender is the BEST way to manage all this month will bring.

Buckle in, folks — 2023 starts NOW!

Would love to know how this message resonates with you — please share below!

And sending you warmth, love, strength, and JOY for all that is to come.

Remember, we ARE more than equipped for these times! It’s not about surviving, it’s about thriving.

Many Blessings to you :))

“There are guns blazing.

Oh yes, blazing. Blazing, hot, and heavy. Coming in strong from every direction.

So much upheaval is going to take place this month.

Not necessarily in the exterior world, although you will also see that as well. But more so within.

From the inner depths of you, you are taking shape. You are opening and blossoming. You are shifting and changing. You are stepping up and stepping out.

You are opening yourself up to all that is coming, coming on strong.

As it rips you open. As it refills you with all that you have been lacking as of late. Yes, it’s like turning a knob on an oven — up a little higher, to the left. Oh, wait a minute. No, now you are baking something completely different.

That’s right. This is a big shift. A Big Shift. And we hope that you have followed our advice to begin laying that solid foundation in your life so that you will have something to hold onto…As this will come at you from many different directions.

It’s going to open your eyes. It’s going to make you smell different. There is even going to be things happening around you that you will question.

You will think, “What — how does this even make sense?” Oh, but it will make sense. Yes, yes. In the coming months, it will all make sense.

For what is happening here is a gentle explosion. Something that is changing the trajectory of everyone and everything on your planet, because it must. That’s right MUST in all capital letters.

There is no turning back now.

There is no rewinding the clock and trying to go back to simpler times. No. Now they have changed. That’s right. This month will usher in that change and there will be No Going Back.

Now you need not cry or have fear for the road ahead. Simply know that it is opening and broadening. That it is bringing in more assistance to you at this time.

For you will need it. There are difficult things ahead. Make no mistake about it, but that is not necessarily in the here and now, at least not on a full collective level.

For yes, there are parts of the planet that are experiencing so much pain and grief at this time, and you too will be filling these emotions as they come to the surface.

Come to the surface.

Come to the surface.

Nurture them, welcome them in. Get curious about why they might be here for you, but know that you may simply be touching into what else is happening on this planet.

For there is so much grieving being done for all that has been left behind.

These ideas, notions that things were better beforehand when that is not true. No, no. That is a limiting belief that will only keep you caught up in fear and small thinking.

And no, my dears, you must expand your mind, your horizons, your opportunities. You must put yourself out there like never before. You must not allow this crushing energy to crush you.

For if it does, then it wins. Then your light will dim.

Know that this will be a daily battle on some days. Others will feel less constricting, more open, abundant, loving. But this is something that you must cultivate. This is something that you must put time into.

That is why the solid foundation is of such importance at this time. For if you do not have the practices in place to hold you up and keep you steady — why you will crumble to the ground more days than not.

And then you will lose that fierce fire that is within you. That rage, that burns, that can change, that cleanses, that is ushering you into a rebirth.

For friends– oh yes, friends — this is a rebirth. But it’s more so as if the channel is being activated and something is getting ready to be born.

You are not yet at that exact birthing stage, but it is coming.

And the energies this month will not hold back. No, no. They will be a force. A force like you’ve never seen or felt or experienced within your body. For those of you who are paying attention and being aware of what is happening within.

These are times to slow down.

These are times to get right about the decisions that you are making.

To not push forward too fast, knowing that tomorrow you could wake up and everything will be different.

Therefore, bide your time. Spend time with loved ones, with people who lift you up, who bring joy into your life, and who require you to stand accountable in these times.

For you must take responsibility for your actions. No, no. You cannot look away. No, not into your phones or into those around you. Pointing finger, making judgments. Saying this, saying that–all of that is a waste of time.

Distractions. Distractions. They will reign down upon you. They will land in your lap. They will tug at your shoulders. They will be carried around in your head.

You must get control now. You must learn how to lay the boundaries from all of the things that would like to come crashing in.

And no, it’s not as if all of these things are negative. No, no. Far from that. In fact, there will be many good things coming your way.

But you will have to use your discernment for not all are meant for you. Not all are assisting you on the path that you are wanting to create for yourself.

Clarity, clarity. Get clear on the direction that you want to go this month. Do not let it be decided for you. No, no. Decide ahead of time and do not worry…For regardless of when you come across this message, now will be that time, this time, THE time.

This is not a message that you can miss. For your heart will know it. It is ringing the alarms and bells even as we speak, letting you know.

Here It Comes.

These are the times to lean on your prayers and guides. On those whom you may not be able to see, but are always standing with you. Guiding and directing you.

Pay attention now to teachers who are sharing and divulging what it is that is taking place on this planet. Ensure that you align with their message. And no, we are not simply talking about someone who paints a picture that is always empowering. And simply wonderful.

What is it they call it? Oh yes, the “light and love crowd”, haha.

Why? Yes, there are quite a few of these. Pay attention to your heart when listening to channeled messages or teachers. For there are many teachers rising on this planet, and not all of them will be for you.

Feel into how your body feels when digesting their message and taking it in, for if their energy aligns with yours, then it will light you on fire in the best of ways.

Pay heed to all that is happening around you.

But do your very best

to not get caught up

in it.”

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